Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Windy City

Tomorrow morning we're off like a prom dress, to Chicago for a long weekend. It's a celebration of our wedding anniversary and Jackson's 6-month half-birthday. Whuh?! When did I become the mama of a 6-month-old? (Six months ago today at 2:34AM, for those keeping track at home.)

I used to scoff at people who packed a gazillion things for their kids on trips and now I totally fucking get it. Jackson has his own suitcase. And some of his stuff is overflowing into my suitcase. Then there's the stroller. And the travel chair in case their high chair is rubbish. And we're thinking of bringing the full-size pack-n-play (that we've never used) just in case the crib either seems rickety or smells of the funk of forty thousand years. And then there's the breast pump, bottles, and other milk-related paraphernalia. Am I forgetting anything? A shit-ton of diapers, extra pajamas and sleepsacks, and blankets. Hopefully there will be enough room in the car for the baby.

I'm nervous about the car ride, and whether Jackson will mostly sleep, play nicely with his favorite toy in his lap, or scream his face off for 4 hours. He's usually pretty calm in the car, so I'm hoping as long as we stop midway and I feed him, he will be cool. I'm also nervous about putting him to bed in a hotel room. We just made enormous sleep strides with tortuous cry-it-out methods, but if he regresses at all we can't really let that fly in a hotel with other guests all around. I'm also worried about his runny nose, which just started this morning. Is he coming down with another cold? Are KB and I going to start sniffling soon? Gah. Hopefully I'll find time to enjoy our trip in between anxiety attacks.

Off we go!


Pundelina said...


bunny said...

I hope it all goes smooth as silk, and that it turns out Jackson has a special love for sleeping in hotels!

finch said...

Jackson, this message is for you: Please be an awesome baby for mommy and daddy by being a happy boy for 4 hours in the car (both ways) AND by sleeping all night long in the hotel. Mommy and daddy will surely reward you with extra kisses on those stinky feet.

Kelly said...

I hope Jackson can keep up the sleeping habits in the hotel room, and doesn't mind the car ride.

Have tons of fun!

Roccie said...


So close to my man J, yet so far.....

Drive safely.