Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Cadbury Day!

Have a a lovely Easter, from Jackson and Mr. Creepy the Bunny!
(Cause nothing celebrates this day better than a man-sized bunny wearing no pants whatsoever who purportedly shits chocolate eggs and hides them. Yay, Easter!)


Once Upon A Time said...

Love it!

Trinity said...

Aaaahhh, so cute! Jackson looks quite cozy. :)

(Jackson looks waaaay more proper than Arlo in his Easter pic. Not only is my poor child hickishly barefooted, but he is also boasting a neckline enormously saturated with drool and spitup! Yay, photographic documentation of my parenting shortcomings!)

hope4joy said...

Jackson looks so cute. Not screaming like most of the kids I saw at the mall this week.

bunny said...

Jackson = adorable. That "bunny" = gonna give me nightmares.