Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, I have not received a canned response from PETA, but several lucky! bloggy friends have. And in this paragraph of a PETA email (the full correspondence is posted here), you can see the problem:

...we are absolutely not “celebrating the infertility community,” that is not the intent at any level. We are celebrating infertility itself, though, meaning the decision not to contribute to the overpopulation problem. I just want that to be clear.

Oh, you ARE clear. PETA thinks infertility is a good thing, and a decision!, that helps keep the human population down. Apparently, WE ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION! Yay, us! I wonder why they feel it's okay to pick on us and trash reproductive rights, rather than, say, to "celebrate" AIDS or cancer or suicide or murder or tsunamis. Aren't they, too, part of the solution? Doesn't this all begin to sound like eugenics in a weird way? I doubt that PETA will do a single solitary thing to acknowledge the hateful and misinformed contest language, as they have always resided firmly in the camp of "no such thing as bad publicity." Who would've thunk PETA and Fred Phelps could be so simpatico?

You can sign the ongoing petition (link here) to demand PETA end the offending contest. It won't happen, natch, but it might make you feel like you were part of the solution.


Once Upon A Time said...

Unfortunately this is a typical PETA stunt. They think any press (even bad press) is good press. They know full well what they are doing, and are hoping that it gets people talking about PETA. I think it is horrible, but (like I have in the past) I refuse to buy into their attention scheme and allow them to get me to talk about it (except on your post :)).

Kelly said...

Yeah, seriously. Next thing you know, PETA will be advertising free abortion raffles because the women who have to make that decision are also "part of the solution."

They're so fucked up, it's not even funny.