Sunday, May 8, 2011

On My First Mother's Day

KB let me sleep in until 9AM.

I had a lavish breakfast made for me.

I was presented with lovely gifts, each one more awesome than the last.

But what I think about most on this day, a day that was never special to me at any time in my life until now, is how my son is a brand new source of continual joy in my life. He is living proof that good things can happen. He is a constant reminder of how healthy it is to keep hope alive. Even when things are hard, seem insurmountable, and the days feel long and sometimes the nights longer -- he is still my beautiful little boy. I love him. I have the privilege of watching him grow, seeing a bit of myself in him and a bit of his father, observing and helping him learn, and marveling at the light in his eyes.

He made me his mother. And every day since renews my hope in all that is good in this world.


Lauren said...

Beautifully said :) Happy first Mother's Day! I hope every one after this is as good as the first.

jenicini said...

So with you. So glad you had a wonderful day. :)

finch said...

I have a little tear in my eye. Living proof that good things can happen. Yes indeed.

bunny said...

Beautiful! And so true. Also, happy birthday! And also, thank you for re-posting the blogger-eaten comment re: feeding. I need the encouragement!