Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speed Demon

The boy, how he grows. A month or so ago, he learned to flip on his belly. A couple of weeks ago he was figuring out how to hoist his behind in the air and get up on hands and knees. Now he crawls. And pulls himself up by the rails of his crib. And can climb. And I have a heart attack. I die.

The motivation to move? Get to my iPhone case. The prize? Get in mah mouth!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you WILL be busy from now on. And things are going to get even faster. ;-))) And stop investing in toys, they are useless. Regroup and get him his personal remote, a leather belt (wonderful teething thing, really), and some cat/dog toys.
Love that tushie up in the air. ;-)

Trinity said...

Holy smokes, Jen! Gotta love those deliciously plump baby thighs! Seriously, this is all happening too fast!

bunny said...

Dear lord, he is just so damn adorable. I want to fry up those baby thighs in a nice marinade! But yeah, the mobility must be a bit alarming!

And thank you again for the breastfeeding encouragement. When I read your posts about it, it sure seemed hard and I genuinely felt for you, but boy do I feel for you now on a whole new level!

finch said...

He crawls! Wow! That video is just amazing - the crawling looks so new, like a baby fawn standing up for the first time. That kid is seriously cute.

Kelly said...

So damn cute!

Roccie said...

I love this! Since I had a very late crawler, I have never seen something so funny!

He is the hardest working kid in show business.

You are a good momma to allow the chew. It would be almost cruel to take it away once he conquered it.