Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Bad, I'm Bad, You Know It, Shamon

Is there a fancy award for Shittiest Blogger? I would like to self-nominate!

So, I have my first freelance project that kicked off last week. Which means I'm working. Meh. I try to visualize a fat check in the mail (within 60 days from my invoice, anyway) and I feel better. I'm managing to keep it to 3 days this week, and so far so good. The other 2 days are filled with doctor's appointments and errands, so lucky me. I'm always working; at least now I get paid sometimes.

And the boy? He may be getting a second tooth. GAH. We're locked into a wakeful nighttime routine that is almost cry-it-out proof. I say almost because I don't really know. I can't really stand to hear him cry, even if it's to get himself back to sleep, when I know (or at least suspect) he has real growing pains. Poor little gummy bear. Poor haggard mama.

And he's going through some interesting digestive changes. More solid food will do that to you. He had SEVEN shits today, y'all. SEVEN SHITS. Not skidmark shits, but full-on turdles. Good lord.

And he's crying right now. Off to stand outside his door for 5 minutes and then go nurse him for the first of many times tonight. It's a glamorous life.


jenicini said...

and you love it. :) E is cutting his second chicklet too. Little buggers. I hate seeing him in pain a freaking dagger to the heart. I thought about letting him CIO for a second and then snuggled him a little closer. :) Seven stink bombs? Wowzers!

bunny said...

Yikes. I'm definitely frightened of the teething phase. I hope the tooth pops out quickly...

And congratulations on being such a bad ass that you can land freelance work. I think that's so impressive. But are you saying it doesn't fill your heart with joy to be doing work? Does not compute! Work is the best!

ASP said...

Now, you know I'm the World's Shittiest Blogger so don't be trying to steal that award from me. You think we could come up with a picture for the award and pass it around to those of us who only blog once a month? I'd win every month!

Girl, we're right behind you in the teething department and I'm dreading it.

J must be more advanced than O because she only took 5 shits the other day. 7 shits must be the sign of a real genius! I announced it to everyone that would listen the other day that O had taken that many craps. I could tell everyone was thrilled to be a part of such a huge milestone!

Happy you've got some freelance stuff going on. You need to pay those bills, yo.

finch said...

I'm not looking forward to teething. Or the prospect of 7 poops a day! That is just wild. He too deserves a special award. I hope they're staying in his diaper. 7 blow-outs a day would not be cool.

Roccie said...

Shamon is lol.

So you are past the poop explosions at least? I think solids chase that away and bring on the super stinks. Not really an even trade in my book.

Teeth are brutal. I am glad you dont have school to contend w as they are usually paired w a damn fever. I hate The Feve.

Anonymous said...

Well, teeth come in various ways, at least in our house. First four took their sweet time, next two are still giving us grief - add a cold, and the picture is perfect. Can't say what is causing the fever, but the runny/stuffed up nose is the cold, I think. Mostly because it's similar to mine. Because I caught the friggin cold too. I was sleeping so well at night, I did need to wake up to do something about the nose, didn't I?
But once they break through, it gets easier.
Thank God for nursing, though...
Hope you get back to your routine soon.