Monday, July 4, 2011

In No Particular Order

Death trap! Oh, wait. Higher! Higher!

Cheerios are the shit.

It's cool. I'll clean up my own turdles and change my dipe.

I would LOVE to take a nap. Let me in, please.

One-handed! How you like me now?

Babies love to exercise. FACT.



ASP said...

Total cuteness overload! "Turdles" ;)

kmina said...

You did good, Jen. Really good. That kid could not be any cuter. :-)

Incidentally, my word for verifications is FRIES. Do you think it alludes to anything?

bunny said...

Oh my heavens! It seems like he grew a ton of gorgeous hair in there somewhere. What a perfect little boy!

Trinity said...

I think I just short-circuited from the ADORABLENESS.

What a big boy! :)

hope4joy said...

freakin adorable!!

Once Upon A Time said...

Adorable pics! Thanks for sharing!

Roccie said...

The joy of crib life. We spent more time getting in and out of the crib, followed by rummaging through the changing table. Some things must be universal.

I like your green - does that mean you held off on finding out the sex? Always looking to see who holds out on the big surprise.

JB said...

Roccie -- we did indeed wait to find out whether the baby would have a taco or a wiener. I was just a smidge disappointed when he was announced in l&d as a boy, as it would have been infinitely cooler to hear "it's a wiener!"