Sunday, July 24, 2011


I just saw a post from someone I "know" on fb....well, actually, let me show you:
"____ is completely consumed with the thought of you this week...our Angel would be celebrating birthday #10 on July 27th! I think of you everyday, but especially this week as we were never given the opportunity to hold you in our arms. Nonetheless, I fell in love with you the moment I found out about you! Happy birthday, baby! With all my love, Mommy."
I was both surprised and deeply moved by seeing something like this posted publicly. It gives me a lot to think about in terms of keeping infertility on the down low. 


ASP said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I think about our "Angel" pretty often and how all encompassing the love I felt was the minute I saw that positive sign. I think it's pretty brave, sweet and beautiful that 10 years later, your friend still recognizes that love she felt for her baby. Obviously, it's something she'll never forget. How could you? I hope she has the support she needs during this time of remembering. ♥

Roccie said...

You have nothing to hide. Bet you she would (even if it was quietly) get your protest to IF better than a lot of folks out there.

She is a tough momma.

Once Upon A Time said...

If you felt comfortable with it, I would send her a fb message letting her know that it deeply moved you- maybe she needs as much validation about posting it as you felt it gave you.