Monday, August 15, 2011


Jackson has been on a nursing strike since Saturday afternoon. Not only does he seem to be on the verge of cutting another tooth or two, which made nursing difficult for maybe 10 minutes with each of the first two teeth, but he bit me Saturday (not hard, thank goodness, but enough to elicit a surprised and firm negative response) and may now be afraid to nurse. Which means I have to pump more. Which is shit. I can't produce as much with a pump as I can nursing him, and a meager freezer supply is all I have to help and once that's gone, it's gone. And I feel like total shit. Like I caused this by scaring him after the not-really-that-bad bite. More than anything, I feel like shit because when I try to nurse him he pushes me away and cries. I can barely stand it.

I've read every reasonably credible interweb resource there is and am trying to take solace in the fact that A) everyone assures it's not my fault (though I feel like it is) and B) strikes usually resolve within a week. But in the meantime. Shit.

9am Update: I got him to latch a couple of times this morning by distracting him with my phone case (his most beloved plaything). He tentatively latched, took one suck, let go, then did it again. It's pretty obvious he's carefully making sure I'm not gonna scream and backhand him. I tried again a little while later and no dice, but I am at least encouraged that we might be headed in the right direction. So back to being hopeful instead of crying, y'all.


Lauren said...

Oh, that really sucks:( You've obviously figured out everything I can say, but it REALLY isn't your 'fault.' It sounds like you reacted exactly how you should react if you get bitten, so you can't blame yourself. I have been a lot more dramatic than that from bites! Luckily I have never ended up with a nursing strike, and I really hope I never do, because my boobs don't respond to a pump well AT ALL.

I hope it's over for you soon!! I feel for you.

bunny said...

Oooh, poor Jen! There's nothing like having your beloved child push you away to break your heart. And when it comes with a side of hungry and angry, it must be soooo frustrating. Come on Jackson! Be kind to Mama!

Carli said...

Oh Jen, how horrible. I know you felt terrible for reacting and scaring him, but I can only imagine what it feels like to be bitten on the nipple and it doesn't sound too comfortable.

But I am sure that pain isn't nearly as bad as the pain of having Jackson push you away. I hope it is over soon and you are comfortably nursing your little baby again soon.

Roccie said...

You and me, Sis. Hurts like a mother fucker. Mine is a little different, but Toddlerina is in an Obsessed with Daddy Stage. I cannot sit on the couch because it is "Daddy's seat".

Daddy can kiss my ass.

Hang in there. You are not alone.