Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Aaaaaaand....you're out. Almost.

Still no go with the nursing. Day 3 of the strike. He's not afraid of my boobs anymore, but won't even attempt to latch. He just fusses until I give him a bottle. I might try toughing it out tonight and refuse to give him a bottle so that nursing is the only way to get milk. I just don't know. Will that work? Will it make it worse? Now I'm going H.A.M. on this breast pump from 4am until 10pm. Fuuuck.

Natch, the pediatrician says I should just switch to formula for the last month until it's time for cow's milk. Of course he would say that. Most moms are already on formula at this point, and I am the breastfeeding zebra among horses. To all of which I say, again, fuuuuuck. I don't want to switch to formula. I want to nurse my baby. Neither of us is ready for this to be over yet.

I hate this.


Lauren said...

Oh no! Again, I've never experienced this and am certainly no expert on the subject, so this is not "advice," but I think I would try the no bottle thing. I wouldn't know what else to do!

kdactyl said...

Ohhh...I'm sooo sorry. I'm really bummed for you. And for me too...we just went through this...but it was more me that got scared...G started biting too often and I was petrified while nursing and my letdown started taking FOREVER and then the supply started waning. She seemed happy on the bottle and I have a pretty good freezer stash...but I just did not want to pump for another 4 months...so we weaned the past couple of weeks at 8 months. We have now introduced formula and she is fine...but I am sad...I miss that warm cuddly time. Although we snuggle when she takes a bottle...it is not the same. I so hope you can get past this...I know how special it is. Just keep trying...baby steps.


bunny said...

SHUT UP, pediatrician. That is such a LAME response. I wish I had useful info, but I can only say I'm sorry. This sounds pretty heartbreaking. I like the sound of the toughing it out approach...

Rebecca said...

I'm just glad to know that its possible to "breast feed" a baby that long. So many of my friends only breast feed for a month or so then switch to formula.

Roccie said...

At this risk of an asshole comment, I promise the next transition will feel just as hard. We just got Toddlerina into the Big Girl Bed. Thank jaw no one told me I would never get to rock and sing her to sleep once this happened.

Change hurts hurts hurts. I think I should delete this, but I hope you can see my intent with posting it.

These little critters just keep growing and stomping hearts while they are at it, you know?

Best wishes w the no bottle. I had to stop BF for more mofo ART. I thought someone had ripped my heart out, but I could pretend it was For The Greater Good. I imagine your transition hurts 10x worse. I hope it goes away so very much.

Cheri said...

Jen,I know you're freakin' genius, (at least you have me convinced) so I hesitate to even mention this since you've probably already thought of it. Is it possible something in your diet is making the milk taste funny? Garlic is a big offender as apparently is chocolate. And you've been dieting, so maybe your diet changed and something - vitamins? or who knows? may be causing an adverse taste? Just a thought. Unless he readily takes freshly pumped milk from a bottle, and then he's just being a little stinker! Good luck. No other ideas. And just wanted to say that I loved the recent pictures. His expressions are so varied!

finch said...

I don't know much about nursing strikes except that they happen but eventually end. I do hope he goes back on the boob sooner than later.

Trinity said...

Oh, Jen... My stomach dropped reading this post and your previous one. I wish I had something insightful to add here, but alls I got is a big hug and sympathy anxiety.

I completely, thoroughly understand your reluctance about formula. It's not just about the nourishment, which is precisely what makes me want to crane kick your pediatrician in the nuts. BFing is about way more than food.

I read Roccie's comment, and I feel there is some wisdom there, wisdom from a mama who has been there. But FUCK DOES THAT SHIT HURT. Ugh, I'm sorry. I know I'd be a miserable, bitchy fucking wreck in your shoes.

I hope to hear something good soon. X