Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And Then There Were Five

Five ta-ta-toothies. They JUST. KEEP. COMING. Fortunately (I guess?) the cutting of this new tooth was masked by the head cold we've all had for the past week. I just noticed this new little bottom tooth had already cut the gum this past weekend, having assumed all the fussing and nighttime waking and sniffles and whatnot were from the cold.

Because, yeah, that's how we celebrate holiday weekends -- Sudafed and Gatorade-tinis! We went ahead (foolishly?) with plans to have the whole family over on Labor Day and hoped for the best. And did not get it. Things were fine until, well, the people showed up. I was trying to feed Jackson before the Distractors were here but one of them arrived early and proceeded to hover and talk and shake toys at and otherwise prevent the feeding of one hungry little boy. We asked politely (as we have had to before, as always to no avail) for the distracting to wait and, predictably, the request was ignored. Whatevs. I shoved some food down his gullet anyhow and we moved on. Then a while later, when Jackson was rubbing his eyes and falling down from exhaustion (did you know the Distractors are also masterful Overstimulators?), I took him back to his room to try and settle him down for a nap. He's become a great nighttime sleeper, but daytime naps are not as easy. We usually take him for a walk or a car ride, which I thought might be kind of rude with people over at our house. Plus they had my car blocked in. So I rocked, sang to, and walked around with a fussy, sleepy boy for half an hour before he finally sacked out in my arms for another half hour. I stayed back there for my own respite, and because sleeping moppet = bliss. When I re-emerged with a well-rested baby, there had apparently been serious dramaz. KB was accosted by an older family member who sneeringly accused him of "coddling" the baby by asking people to keep their voices down while Jackson slept, and he didn't back down from his request nor did he take this insult lying down....so a brief fight ensued and the family member stormed out of our house. Jayzuz. Who's being the baby, here? He got an apology today that included something to the effect of, "...but YOUR words hurt me deeply..." so it's not 100% apologizing, more like insinuating that by pushing back against her stupid remark, KB drove her to madness or something. Ferchrissakes. Can't we all just get along?

In other news, I am starting to prepare for our 1-week adventure to South Dakota. Yes, one of the fly-over states is our vacation destination. KB and I are in a friend's wedding, and my sister is joining us for a couple of days to watch the munchkin. I am hopeful (but not counting on) that away-from-home sleep and cloth diapering and airport shenanigans will not break me. I already think I have a touch of the crazy, and it might not take much of a push to get me over the edge, y'all.


Trinity said...

Sorry to hear about the lametarded family dramaz. Errrgh. Kudos to KB for asserting himself. No matter how full of conviction I am in those circumstances I find it hard to respond evenly and flatly to the crap.

I googled the shit out of sample packing lists for our trip. Something about being away for more than a week just scared the shit out of me--you know, like there wouldn't be anywhere I could get baby Ty.lenol or baby nail clippers or whatever in Tahoe. ;) Airport shenanigans will be fiiiine, finer than you think if your experience is anything like mine. And CDing while traveling (and easy access to washer/dryer) really is a cinch. We used disposable dipes and disposable wipes for the plane (packed in its own little handy bag for easy grabbing for the bathroom).

I hope you guys have a great trip! Is this the wedding you're singing in?

ASP said...

Still no tooths on this end and we're coming up on 9 months. Maybe she'll never get teeth. That'd be cool, right?

Man, we must have the same relatives. That's all I'm going to say about that. Don't you love those apologies that throw the blame back in your court? Psh.

Today has been exmotherfuckinghausting being a momma to this little babe. The nap thing in the afternoon is so random now and I'm never sure when she's going to nap anymore. Whter it'll be 20 minutes or 2 hours is what keeps me guessing. Totally random. Great sleeping through the night though, but, damn, this momma needs a break during the afternoon. Not one of my finer days today.

Enjoy your time at the wedding and traveling. I bet everything will be a-okay, although I'm not afraid to say I'm afraid to get on a plane with O at this point in her 8.5 month old life. She has the highest pitched scream you've ever heard in your life and I'm afraid she'd let loose the entire flight. I'll try and bottle it up on a video sometime and post on the blogdiggitydog. I think she could break windows if she really tried. I'll look forward to reading about your adventure! ;) Safe travels, Friend.

bunny said...

I hope all these teeth are helping with the grief over weaning...

Can you just never ever host anything again ever? Or would that just be worse, as you'd have nowhere to hide?

And while I'm a dedicated cloth diaperer, I say travel is certainly a good opportunity to revert to disposables, particularly if it will keep you from going MAD! There's plenty of time for traveling with shitty diapers later on...

Anonymous said...

You know the sleep drama in our house, so believe me when I say that if George got to nap better, so will Jackson, sooner rather than later.

From my experience, the stress before the trip is bigger than the difficulty of the trip itself. You will think afterwards why exactly were you so worried about. But before going away, I have to admit, a headless chicken made more sense than I did. one thing is sure: you will have fun stories to tell when you are back.

Enjoy the trip and the wedding!

Roccie said...

I do enjoy a good Baby Ticket out of a room filled w people stressing me out. I usually play that card when it is His Family over taking my house. Somehow this story is especially funny to me at this time, you know?

I heard from my pediatrician that teeth and colds and ear infections are all one happy destination. One will very quickly bring on the other. I think I learned this late into getting teeth and then it all made sense.

Why should you earn your sleep after a new tooth? No. Pay more dues with an ear infection.