Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party Like It's Your Birthday

On Friday, there was this:
KB made Jackson's first birthday cake, which proved far less interesting than the plate it was on:
After we put him to bed, KB and I enjoyed some damn fine devil's food cake. Someone had to eat it.
And then Saturday, we unleashed the gates of hell...I mean, we invited the whole family and some friends and neighbors to celebrate Jackson's birthday with more cake!* and presents:
He wore that bow on his head for quite a while, which is more than I can say for his birthday hat:
We took this picture mere milliseconds before he enthusiastically ripped the hat off and chucked it.
He also got to play with a friend**:
And spend some time with his only cousin***:
I sent everyone home with these:
And to ensure they all got The Diabeetus, some of these, too:
And at the end of a long day, Jackson got to enjoy his loot:
That stinkeye was directed at some irritating neighbors.****
That's better.
Disclaimer: I did not make any of the crafty-type stuffs you see above. What I made was this:
And the highchair banner here:
I mean, come on, you guys: I sewed! I have sewn! (Not to be confused with the conjugation, "I sew.") Most everything else was from Etsy. (I heart Etsy, people. Hard.)

*The cake is from Cake Nouveau in Ann Arbor. The owner has competed (and won!) on Food Network cake challenges, which I became addicted to watching while pregnant and melding with the sofa. That and HGTv. I know how to build, fix, landscape, and/or stage a house, y'all.

**I have a mommy friend! For real!

***I don't count my stepsister and her redneck clan, since I don't really even know her. Plus, I bet she would think my party was lame since it wasn't at Hooters. Backyard barbecue, boring! Not a single stripper or a clown in blackface or a confederate flag or a gun or a can of Bud to be seen!

****Oh, the annoying neighbors. They walked in and stood in front of the small pile of gifts, refusing to put theirs down. I had Jackson in my arms and had to put him on the floor to take the gifts from their hands, pivot 15 degrees, and bend over slightly to place on the pile for them. Then they shouted, "Where's the alcohol?" (When you think, "Kid's first birthday party," don't you always also think, "Let's get shitfaced!"? They pounded a bottle of wine and about half a dozen beers by themselves.) And then...we had made a decision before the party started to not open gifts since Jackson has the attention span of a gnat and the patience of Joan Crawford on a wire hanger rant; everyone seemed to get this. Most everyone. After all but a couple of people (family members) had left, and we were starting to clean up, we realized the neighbors were parked on our sofa staring at us. Drinks in hand, natch. They sternly requested we open their gifts, right then and there, thankyouverymuch. So we did, to avoid their wrath, which is when I captured Jackson's insightful look, above. I look forward to moving, you guys. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to write a thank-you note to these charming people and then sprinkle it with sugar and perfume and maybe wipe my ass with it before mailing.


kdactyl said...

Oh my gosh....SOOOOOOOOO cute! I love the theme...I love the cake...I loved all your crafty stuff (homemade or not)...and now I am inspired. My girl is one on Nov 17th and we are forced to do the "at home" first birthday since the weather will be dicey...I'm going with the ladybug theme (because it is NOT freaking PINK!!!!) and now I want to get all crafty and go check out Etsy adn spend waaaaayyyy too much money!

Happy Birthday to Jackson....Loved the stink eye on the neighbors!


bunny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! It looks like an awesome time, and the fabulousness of the things you did make is extreme! (As is the other stuff, but hey, sewin' triangles ain't easy, and I am nuts about the high chair decor.)

I confess that my reaction to pretty much any occasion is let's get shitfaced! But I don't expect others to understand.

I'm just going to go off to imagine a blackface clown stripper in nothing but a confederate flag.

Rebecca said...

I love Etsy too. I used to have a shop there but with moving around so much and my stuff going into storage I had to close it. I want a birthday party like your son's. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jackson!
This looks like one heck of a monkey party. :-)
And hats off to you for coming up with the theme and finding all the crafty stuff to go with it. Finding is practically like making all that yourself. :-)

Pundelina said...

Happy Birthday to J! A year, really???? It seems crazy that it can be a year.

And the party looked lovely!

Roccie said...

Happy birthday you handsome young man!

Man I wish we could have been your annoying neighbors instead. Yeah, we would want to get shitfaced but we would manage the need much better.

What a bash!

hope4joy said...

WOW! Everything looked freakin great. I don't know what Etsy is but I think I need to find out.

The cake is the theme. Sorry about the neighbors, they sound like winners.

I had to smile about your Friday night festivites. Sounded very sweet.