Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Packing for Le Trip: We haven't been gone this long on our last couple of semi-local trips (Chicago, Saugatuck) AND we'll be in the prairie-boonies, so I want to be sure we have what we need for das kind. They have a washer and dryer at the resort, so I'm bringing cloth diapers (although we'll stick to disposables for the airport and while my sister is babysitting). The poor bebe has raging diaper rash right now that gets better for a day, then worse again, then better, then...lather, rinse, repeat. I think it's partly due to formula *blech* making his poops disgusting with the contribution of the teething/increased saliva/fever constellation of shitty symptoms *rimshot**pun*. I have extra bottles of pain reliever and numby-gummy gel to stash in my purse (after we clear airport security, of course; until then it will be crammed into a fucking useless if-we-put-our-belongings-into-tiny-goddamned-clear-plastic-bags-and-take-our-shoes-off-then-the-terrorists-won't-win bag). Because, oh yeah, tooth #6. The weather is supposed to drop from 80 to 60 while we're there, so lots of clothes will come. And we'll have to bring actual socks and shoes for Jackson...his barefoot summer days are coming to an end. I'm not sure how sleep will go since we'll be 2 time zones behind his 7pm bedtime, and coming in and out of the cabin while he's sleeping. I guess we'll see. Fingers crossed for minimal horribleness. Okay, I guess we can be a tad more optimistic and hope for actual pleasant fun. Why not.

Look Who's Talking: I initiated (or re-initiated) the conversation with KB re: when-to-go-back-to-the-RE. Here's some relevant info: KB has been followed by a urologist since we received our super-awesome severe male factor infertility diagnosis, and the only clinically significant physical or biochemical flaw ever detected is a testosterone level just below normal, which could explain the fucked up sperm. On our last IVF cycle, KB was on Clomid and we actually saw our 0% normal morphology leap up to an incredible *brace yourselves**are you sitting down?* 1% normal. I'm no mathematician, but that's a 33% improvement relative to the 3% cutoff for normal! Yippee-ki-yay-motherfuckers! Motility never showed improvement, but I dare not dream for actual normalcy. Even since discontinuing Clomid over a year ago, KB's testosterone level has remained in the normal range, which might (key word) mean a prolonged period of better sperm production. Maybe. Possibly. We don't know. (And there it is: hope. Creeping back in. Asshole.) Although I wouldn't bat an eyelash at a surprise pregnancy (bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...that cracks me up), I think that 2-3 years between kids is about right. This would mean trying to get pregnant over the next year. So I asked KB if he thought we could make an appointment with the RE after Christmas to repeat all the testing that led to our diagnosis in the first place, and he thought that sounded fine. It's not a commitment to do anything just yet, but it'll tell us where we stand. Gawd, would I love it if our RE told us we were candidates for timed sexiness, or medicated IUI, instead of IVF. Wouldn't that be something? *le sigh*


hope4joy said...

Have an amazing time on your trip. It sounds like you have bags full of goodies and are prepared. Enjoy!

I have butterflies for you at the mention of returning to the RE. Hopes for awesome news that doesn't put you back in the IVF game.

Trinity said...

Seriously, I used to be able to get by on a week's vacation with just a backpack. Now? You know the biggest piece in your luggage set? THAT was Arlo's during our 11 day trip. The whole fucking thing was packed to bulging with his stuff. Man. Out of sheer inexperience with traveling avec bebe, I completely overpacked. And, I will share that poor Arlo's naps have not been the same since. We're suddenly down to 2 naps, and the last one ends so late that it ensures a late bedtime. It's like he's still on NV time. You know, I left a full water bottle (unopened) in my carry-on, and the airport security guy almost ripped into me for it until I turned around and he saw the baby Ergo'd to my front. He said, "Oh were you going to use this for formula?" I lied and told him yes, and he let me keep it. Hunh. Have lots of pleasant fun on your trip!

Agreed: 2-3 years between babes sounds pretty perfect. I read on another blog where the hub's SA improved about a year after his varicocelectomy. Like, big-time improvement. (N's SA was well before that when it was determined we needed IVF.) And suddenly, I found myself getting cozy with hope again. Such a whore. Ergh.

bunny said...

Hmmm, I think I will never ever travel again. So much simpler, yeah?

At my postpartum OB visit, I was asking how long to try before going back to the RE and she said something like well, lots of couples who have been through IF find it much easier the second time. I was like OH SHUT UP, but I sure hope that proves to be the case for you guys. Because HELL, even one IVF cycle would count as "much easier" for y'all.

Roccie said...

Rock that shit out and get back in the RE groove. I would love nothing more than for you to become a cliche and get pregs on the first try sans meds, shots, vag cams, patches, etc.