Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where the Buffalo Roam

Well, we were not eaten by bears. And we did not drive off the steep side of the mountain a la Thelma and Louise. We also did not see a single goddamned buffalo. My life is not yet complete.

Jackson did remarkably well for about 75% of our air travel, falling asleep during takeoff and napping through much of the flight. That is, for three out of four total flights (two each way). And so he made up for it on the fourth, which happened to be the Minneapolis-to-Detroit leg that brought us home. Holy hell, y'all. He squirmed, he cried, he fussed, he bit, he hit, he rubbed his weary little eyes BUT HE WOULD NOT SLEEP. And that was how I lost my mind, The End.

Other than that, we did fine. After the first night of adjusting to the time zone change and the day of travel, he slept through the night and awoke cheerfully every morning. We took him to the wedding rehearsal Friday afternoon and he charmed everyone with his toothy grin and played peek-a-boo over the church pews. There were a bunch of the bride's family members there with even more bunches of kids (this is a rather fecund Catholic family) including two newborns who are merely days old. They were dragged, er, invited, along to all the events and their parents were run ragged trying to get them to sleep in strollers and carseats, late into the evening during the rehearsal dinner and late into the night during the wedding reception. Dude. I am so grateful my sister was able to come and "nanny" for us during the wedding events because I would have lost whatever is left of my marbles if I'd had to deal with that on top of the travel stress and the nervousness of singing in someone's wedding. (Thank goodness I didn't mess it up. We'll see -- and hear -- when the wedding video is edited.) We were able to actually relax and enjoy the dinner and the reception. We even danced! Well, white-people-style, but still. (Actually, KB got down on the ground and did a little breakdancing for us. And I moonwalked, as much as someone in high heels can.) We had a little fun. Maybe even more than a little. Go us!

And so with our extra days there, we got all vacationy and saw wildlife, the Badlands, Wall Drug, the Crazy Horse monument, and Mount Rushmore. See? See:
And now we are home (sweet home!), cleaning up the house and preparing for a certain little man's first birthday party on Saturday. And I keep muttering under my breath, "serenity now!" as if it will keep me sane. Because, you know, having the whole family over plus kid-centric event plus a couple of other kids to entertain divided by it might rain equals Mommy is scheduling a massage for next week.

And on the next edition of Jen's Random Infrequent Updates: how I became friends with my therapist.*

*She shares an office with the groom, our mutual friend, and so was at the wedding; we socialized as civilians, and now KB and her husband are like bona fide friends. And I think my therapist and I might be, too. So....huh. We'll analyze this, my Interweb Armchair Psychologists, another day.


Trinity said...

Welcome home, lady! Glad to hear you guys had a good time away! (Erm, save for that last flight, which the mere thought of gave me a hot flash. Eeeek.) Seriously, I think you're a freakin' rock star for singing in someone's wedding!

Love the Mt. Rushmore pic!

I am very interested in hearing about the therapist sitch!

bunny said...

Sounds like a massive success! Yeah, gotta ignore the final leg of the flight, but I imagine even that could have been worse. The photo is AWESOME! It will be even more awesome if he is ever president. Though I bet you want better things for him than that.

I hope Saturday is a BLAST! I can't wait to see the crafty coolness you cooked up.

Anonymous said...

So it all went great. Considering the percentage could have been reversed, as in scream for 75% of the flights, this trip is filed under Successful. Along with the sister baby sitting and great time singing and dancing, well done, Jen!

The picture is lovely. Look at those tiny little toes!

hope4joy said...

Wow, it sounds like you all did great! His first birthday party?!? Does it feel like the year has flown by? Can't wait for the update. Welcome home.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday little Jackson!!!