Monday, October 31, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

Step One: Audition a field of pumpkins to find the best one.
Step Two: Yoda, you are. Thoroughly disgusting, pumpkin guts are to me.
 Step Three: Seriously, Yoda, you are. A nerd like your parents, you may be.
Step Four: Not to be outdone, Katie the Dog sported this (tragically unrelated) costume.
Happy Halloween!


Rebecca said...

Love the pumpkin and costumes. Alas this year I'm just not up to carving the pumpkins we bought and my husband just doesn't have the time. Maybe next year. Have fun getting candy!

bunny said...

Oh the insane cuteness! Can he just wear the yoda had all year round? And oh my, you gots some punkin' carving skills! (I ceaned FOUR pumpkins this year, and BLECH! But at least I had the sense to finally realize I can wear rubber gloves.)

Trinity said...

Dying. From. The. Adorableness.

Happy Halloween, nerds! :)

ASP said...

Nice job on the pump-kin! We would've carved some except for the asshole squirrels basically chewed holes in every single one. Great costume too! Jackson is such a little cutie pie!

hope4joy said...

Holy shit. The dog's costume almost made me choke on my lunch! Jakson is adorable as Yoda and your pumpkin rocks.

Anonymous said...

Adorable Yoda!
And masters of pumpkin carving you nerds are.
Hope you had fun.