Friday, November 25, 2011


Jackson has become (note the perfect present tense, it is intentional) a good sleeper, but not without some hurdles to overcome along the way. In the wee early months (oh gawd, months) we had colic. He transitioned to his crib just fine but liked to get up 3-4 times minimum each night to nurse, for a long time (oh gawd, months). In the past 4-6 months, we've made huge strides in sleep with him going to bed quite easily around 7pm and sleeping through the night until 4-6am, when he wants to cuddle and have some milk (I used to nurse until The Strike led to the Self-Weaning, and now it's just a sippy with a few ounces of moo-milk). He then goes back to sleep until around 7am or so. Last night we began the project of eliminating the wee-early-morning milk run. If it was consistently happening around 5-6am or so, I wouldn't really care because, seriously, cuddling with your bebe when he's half asleep and the house is quiet is like leisure time. But some nights he's up for that sippy as early as 3am, and we've tried comforting him back to sleep without it and it fails. Must.have.milk. Last night went okay, with minimal fussing, and he slept in until 8am. Win-win so far. Wish us luck tonight.

And the napping. He's been a crap-napper since day 1, hardly staying out longer than 30 minutes. He whittled his naptime down to one per day a few months ago and would not fall asleep in his crib at home. Bollocks. So we've been strapping him in the car and running around town doing errands to get him to nap in his carseat, which works but can be a pain in the asshole. Last weekend I said, "Enough." He naps at school, even if only for half an hour and once a day, ergo he can do it at home. I plopped him in his crib with a blanket and a toy and some rain forest-y sounds and he babbled and played for half an hour and then, boom. Slept for an hour and a half. Hour and a freaking half. He did it again today, twice. Twice. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to get to this. The more you know.

And speaking of, he's waking up from his second hour-plus nap today, right now. Huzzah. Off I go.

p.s. Here was this morning's prelude to a nap:


jenicini said...

Awesome!!! I've been really wearing Enzo out with laps around the house...which has happily led to some 1.5 hour naps. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself!

bunny said...

Go Jackson! So glad things are falling into a more reasonable rhythm, and keeping my fingers crossed that this is the new story. Though as you keep telling me, with sleep there's always gonna be some noise in the system.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and Jackson!
There are still obstacles, like colds and molars, who are good sleep wreckers, but once they are done, good sleep comes back. Amen to that, because a few months ago, this was not possible.
Jackson looks very handsome. ;-)

Roccie said...

Fuck there is nothing like a good nap. Nothing.

Rebecca said...

heads up, I gave you a blog award.

hope4joy said...

Ahhh. Nice long naps. Those are the absolute best. Hoping you have found a new routine. Cute pic of Jackson.