Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mommy vs The Molars

Our sleep has been shit for the past week, and Jackson hasn't napped more than 15 minutes a day while we wait for these fucking molars to come in. He's been cranky, anxious, and tired (WE ARE ALL TIRED). He's been refusing most food and instead living on a steady diet of Advil and Orajel. He used to hate Orajel and now he opens up like a baby bird....

And Lo! Last night he slept through the night once again. And even woke up happy. I can feel one of the molars has cut through the gum, so maybe we're past the worst of it? But it's just one molar so far, and there are at least 47 more yet to come in, right? Fuck. And this time around teething has made his poops utterly foul and liquid and his farts have been mushroom clouds of disgust. Awesome.

Also, this week I had a major communication problem with a client that got someone in their department in beeeg trouble which I feel lousy about (plus I have to continue working with him...yay). And THEN on Thursday, it was snowing hard and I was trying to turn right into the parking lot to drop Jackson off at daycare and someone thought it was a good time to use a parking lane to pass me on the right. But who do you think got cited as being at fault? DING! DING! DING! Yep, I got a ticket for an illegal turn, even though she told Officer Friendly she saw me slow down and put my turn signal on and attempted to pass me on the right using a parking lane to cut across a right turn only lane in the middle of an intersection. So now I have to explain all of this to a magistrate in fucking traffic court. And take my car in to have the dents and scrapes patched up. Double fuck. I'm just a million times grateful that it was a minor accident, because getting hit with Jackson in the car nearly made my heart stop. And if another driver is in such a hurry that they'll pass someone on the right, while watching that person turning could have been much worse. Bullet dodged.

But in better news, I suppose, my period just started with a vengeance (think: Carrie at the prom) so I have the privilege of undergoing a saline sono next week and then waiting for the results of bloodwork to start Estrace. So, it's almost cycle time, bitches. Time to get impregnated up in herr.


Rebecca said...

Seriously? You got the ticket? WTF! As far as I know passing on the right anywhere earns you a ticket. If you got one she should have too.

Glad you and Jackson are unharmed.

Good luck on the next ttc.

bunny said...

Yiiiiiiikes! I'm so sorry about the totally not your fault accident. You certainly deserve a lifetime of perfect sleep after that...oh, and also to have this next IVF work perfectly.

ASP said...

Can't wait for O to start popping those molars. Sounds like a shit ton of fun. Have you tried those teething tablets? They work like magic for us...seriously. The diarrhea cha cha cha part scares me with teething. Knock on wood, we haven't had that issue with the teething yet. I hope he's feeling better and his farts stop stinking soon.
Wow, what's with all the cool people getting into accidents lately?! Sheesh. Seems stupid you got a ticket for it though. Contest that shit when you go to court. Happy you and Jackson are okay though. Pretty scary stuff, huh? Especially since he can't tell you, "Hey, I think I hurt my neck." I watched O like a momma hawk for a few days after the accident. Stupid drivers.
I'm ready for this cycle for you! I can feel it in my loins this is going to be a winner!

hope4joy said...

Teething is so much fun! The best thing anyone ever told me about this subject is "when you are ready to pull your hair out remember that teething only hurts once. Once they are in you never have to worry about it again". Easy to say when you are well rested. I am afraid that I might attack some asshole if they ever caused a car accident while the baby is in the car, no matter how small. I applaud your self control and maturity. Ready for this cycle.....jealous of you and excited for you.

jenicini said...

Yeah....molars are eevillllll! @theticket WTF! Hooray for infertility fun!!! <3

Mina said...

I thought it was awful when George had all four molars cut through within two months, but now I realise it was a small gift I have only just recently started to appreciate. Of course, sleep was still peppered with snot, fever and other delightful intermezzos, but the molars were far, far worse. Hopefully Jackson is done with molars soon. All of them. Then you all get a break before canines. Why can't we know when and how long it takes for teeth to cut through? That would be sooooo helpful, right?

Good thing nothing happened in that incident except for the ticket. The ticket sucks but let's look at the half full part of the glass.

Best of luck with the cycle. Best of the bestest.

Roccie said...

Holy crap, I dont even remember Toddlerina's molar phase. Was it that bad that I have suppressed it?

I remember the poops that shoot up the baby's back. Now those are my nemesis.

Any reference to Carrie the movie is good luck. When stupid people ask me how to spell my first name many douches say, "oh, yeah? you spell it just like the movie?" You clever fucker. Get out of my face. For YOU though, it is good luck.