Monday, January 23, 2012

My Friend, The Wand

We're all sensitive people with so much to give. Understand me, sugar.

I am back in the stirrups again. We got pre-cycle bloodwork out of the way this morning and looked at my typically unimpressive antral follicle count (ooooh....11 ovaries are lazy bitches). As soon as the nurse calls me this afternoon to confirm that my FSH and prolactin aren't completely fucked up, then we'll schedule the saline sono for this week. More wanding! I have a very active sex life, y'all. With medical devices. I'm sure that's a fetish of some sort.

I had those weird, anxious butterflies going into the RE's office this morning, but frankly, as soon as I got home and scooped up my little dude and got a hug and a kiss from him....just, whatever. All good. That's going to be my focus on this upcoming cycle, just keeping my eyes on the prize I already have.

4PM Update: My nurse coordinator called. My FSH on Day 4 (which she says is equivalent enough, if that's a scientific measure, to Day 3) is 12. Blargh. That's a little high for a 33-year-old. Oh, well. It is what it is and we are undeterred. Also, fuck you, ovaries. We're doing this whether you like it or not.

4PM The Next Day Update: My nurse called back to day I have to go back on Synthroid. Cause, oh yeah, I just stopped taking it after Jackson weaned without talking to any licensed medical professional first. The only reason I was ever on it was for attempting to conceive. And the only reason my thyroid hormones are out of whack in the slightest is the cumulative effect of over a year of exogenous hormones while trying to conceive. But, when I got a second RE opinion after failed IVF #2, he looked at my thyroid labs and said I was on the high side of normal and didn't need Synthroid. So there you have it: ART is more an art, less a science. Qualified experts can't even agree on some details.


Roccie said...

I would suggest you rub the little man J all over your body for both good luck and just the pure joy of it.

Rebecca said...

Active sex life with medical devices is quite accurate for us infertiles. We get put on pelvic rest and Wanda is our only action!

Good luck. 11 antrals isn't bad. Some could be hiding. I had 5 with my antral count and just retrieved today 9 eggs! Almost double isn't so bad in my book.

Trinity said...

So, you will have officially gotten more play this week than I have gotten in, um, months. I have repressed so much of my IVF cycle that I have completely lost track of what the optimal numbers are for FSH and antral follical counts. Here's hoping that your pull a Young MC and bust a move. ;) And I second Roccie's suggestion! :)

bunny said...

I hope the wand at least bought you a drink and told you how pretty you are. I love that you've got the prize already and that you're not losing sight of that fact. Buuuuut, I want this to WORK.