Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Order of Womb Fruit, Please

Hey now! I know it's been keeping you up at night, so let me reassure you that my saline sono was fine (not NEARLY as painful with the RE doing the procedure as it was with the resident at the local hospital, who had me doing the crab walk trying to escape the procedure table. This time we talked about toe nail polish and OPI color names being wacky and then she was done). My ute is lurvely. My nurse coordinator ordered my meds. I start estrace in about a week and stimulation in 2.5 weeks.

I couldn't resist asking the RE about my high(ish) FSH and she waved it away. It's not THAT high, and it's fluctuated before (nearly 10 one cycle, down to 7 the next). is what it is. And it's not surprising since my ovaries are sluggish about the stimulation, anyway. I echoed her sentiment and said, "Yep, the cycle will either work or it won't" and she hugged me -- fiercely -- and said, "No, we want it to WORK so Jackson can have a baby brother or sister." She's alright.


Rebecca said...

So when are you starting the injections?

Good Luck!

hope4joy said...

2 and half weeks huh? Bring it on! Plus love the sound of this RE. That was the thing that stuck out most to me when we changed clinics after the first 3 failed cycles. The new RE was so great and it just felt right. Anywhooooooooo, glad the ute is in good shape.

bunny said...

I'm with your RE, and here's a fierce virtual hug. Get ready, ute, for a nice fat baby.