Friday, February 24, 2012

Making Stuff

In between work meetings, I've been implementing Operation Distraction. My monitoring appointments are okay. Nothing new; only about 5-6 biggie-size follicles, growing slowly, and upping doses as usual. Lazy ovaries in not-so-full effect. I'm trying not to over-analyze it. What's the point? Retrieval is pushed back to Tuesday so we can stimulate one more day, so we'll know Wednesday morning what we're working with. Then I can really start to freak out. Go buy some hats and then hold on to them, ladies, 'cause hormones will be a-ragin'. I reserve the right to be hormotional for about two weeks thereafter. Oh, and maybe tomorrow night, just a little. Some friends are coming over and I'm 1198% sure they're coming to announce they're pregnant. Yay/boo. You know.

So, anyway, I've been amusing myself with making things for Jackson. I won't even attempt to pass this off as an original idea, as it was more-than inspired by Jill.

I present to you, from the imagination of Stan Lee, Superheroes:
And from the marketing wizards at Disney, Princesses:
And best of all, from a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars:
*heavy breathing* Dork: I am your mother.



Mina said...

I saw on a blog a brilliant poster, like the war time British ones, which instead of "Keep calm and carry on" it said "Freak out and throw stuff". I want that. If I get it, I'll send you a copy. :-)

Yaboo for the friends. Maybe they want to pull a "we adopted a black baby" and present you their new SUV? - no, it's not mine, it's from Aniston's latest flop, I hear. Although only for the box office, considering she's still with that Goth biker, eh?

Your pictures and heavy breathing remind me that I made George some Princess Leia sort of braids from pretzels, and he was totally rocking them, but he did not appreciate the art and started eating them before I could snap a picture. Male view on pop art...

The captcha words are docam onanych. *stifles giggle* Random alright.

Rebecca said...

Cute, but Stan Lee didn't create Superman or Batman, that is DC universe. Love them, they are so cute.

JB said...

I didn't think so until I checked the all-knowing (hahaha) wiki:

He didn't create them, but apparently did write some "reimagined" comics with these characters. Like an alt-universe sort of thing. Anyway, it's a bit of artistic license on my part to give him some credit in writing. :)

jenicini said...

You've got skills!!! :) LMAO at the heavy breathing.

bunny said...

Aaaaah, so awesome! See if you can get a photo with him chewing on Darth...

I have gotten my hat out of its hatbox and am ready to grip it vigorously. I hope your friends aren't pregnant. I know, mean of me, but I hope it anyway.