Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slow and Steady

....better damn well win the race. We're pushing back retrieval another day. Now I have to find a babysitter for Jackson next Saturday for the transfer. KB could stay home with him and I could go it alone, but he's always come with me to that appointment and it somehow seems important for both of us to be there when our potential bebe is transferred to its new home.

The silver lining in the delay is that follicles are catching up. Two days ago there were only 5 measurable, and this morning there were 7 measurable plus several smaller follicles that have a decentish chance of making the cut. So this cycle is looking like the last one that gave us Jackson. Hal. Eh. Loo.

11AM Update: My nurse just called to say they want me to come in every morning for the next few days to make a day-by-day assessment of when we'll do retrieval. I've already rearranged my work schedule twice, so yay. Because you guys, THE NOT KNOWING IS THE BEST PART. And I'm glad I already ordered more drugs in anticipation of an extended stimulation, because we are made of money and also everyone knows that the more you spend on making your baby, the better the baby. Truth.



bunny said...

Ooooh, I like a cycle that looks like the one that gave you Jackson, even if the resemblance only comes at the end.

Rebecca said...

Well more follicles is certainly something to celebrate. Good Luck!

jenicini said...

Not knowing is sometimes the best thing ever! Just tell them not to say anything unless they need a decision from you...:D heehee