Monday, March 19, 2012


What's a girl to do when she's knocked up (miracle! SCIENCE!) and has to wait for her first ultrasound? I guess there's work. Blah. I have projects that were supposed to be done weeks ago but (thanks to slow-as-turtles client teams) are still dragging on, and a couple of new projects that are suddenly looking much more complicated than when they were pitched and the contracts signed. Meh.

Mostly my time is spent eating and sitting. For I am HUNGRY. I haven't gained a pound but am eating for seven. The nausea is mild and intermittent, and a friendly (and mostly welcome) reminder that I am pregnant. The fatigue is just, I don't know, there. The suddenly beautiful weather over the weekend meant spending all day every day outdoors, and Jackson running around demanding I help ("halp?") him down the slide again. again! again! more! more! until we both needed a nap.

I just got the daycare paperwork to sign Jackson up for another year of school in the toddler room. He's moving on up. And I have to decide the following: half day or full day? full day ending at 3 or include aftercare? holiday coverage? He transitions to the Big Boy room in June, and by then my current spate of crazy work projects will be ending, so I could keep him in for half days or only regular full days until 3. It would be nice to cut back on work and spend more time with him before the baby comes (see how optimistic I am!). But I will also get more and more tired. So maybe the extra help would be nice, so I could take some naps. I have to talk it over with KB tonight and come up with the best plan. It can always be revised later, but they do have waitlists so you have be proactive with this stuff or risk losing your spot. Bah. Everyday Jen is a planner but Pregnant Jen doesn't want to decide things. It involves too much brain. Math is hard.

We're also redoing our only full bath starting this week, and fortunately much of it will happen while we are in Chicago over the weekend. I hate the idea of giving the contractor a key to our house, but the convenience of the demo and plumbing getting done while we're out of the house is too good to pass up. Also, right now there is a corner tub boxed up and on a palette sitting on my deck. We're like Sanford and Son up in here. Hopefully this project will be done by end of next week, so I can park my ass in my new ginormous tub and eat stuff or whatever. (Side note: I wanted a smaller tub, but since it's a corner bath it turned out that smaller ones were considered custom and cost twice as much; so I said, fuck it, we're getting the indoor pool! Family baths.)

So I'll certainly have my work cut out for me over the next several weeks in between ultrasounds (my RE, bless her heart, does ultrasounds every week until 8 weeks at which point you graduate; then my OB does them at 10 weeks and 12 weeks prior to the 20-week anatomy scan). In the meantime, I have a jar of salsa and some guacamole to consume. All of it. Shut up.



kdactyl said...

Wow....lots going on. I'm jealous of your big tub. We have three full baths in need of upgrades at our house....but I guess that is for another day.

I love that your RE does U/S every week until you are released to your OB...that is awesome and reassuring.

Go enjoy that salsa and guac....all of it :)


Roccie said...

Get your food loving ass out here to the NW suburbs and let me feed you!!

Book the school to the hilt and then cut back as you see fit down the road. You are right - cannot mess with losing a spot.

Rebecca said...

I wish I could remodel our bathroom but we rent. Maybe I should just buy a portable hot tub!

Enjoy the new tub and the salsa!

Trinity said...

I had the same thought as Roccie--do it up for daycare, and then scale back when/if needed. Wowsers, moving on up in the big boy world! What's yer hurry, Jackson? Sloooow down!

Enjoy your trip to Chicago, Mama! And coming up to a sparkly new super-sized tub made for soaking and gorging your pregnant ass! Woot!

jenicini said...

mmmh...guacamole. :) Eat up girl!

Mina said...

As long as food is appealing, don't even think about not eating it. Food is good. And I am queen obvious. :-)

You'll need rest, so better not lose that spot. Or, you could let your MIL babysit when you need, and then have your left foot chopped off with nail clippers. How about that for incentive to get pregnant Jen decide on her own? :-)) I am sure you'll decide what's best on time and you'll be just fine without worries of losing any spot.

You had to mentioned guacamole, had you...

bunny said...

Mmmmm,guacamole! Only appropriate as you wait around to meet your one-through-three amigos... And I just love love love that you get weekly ultrasounds. Smart woman, that RE! Enjoy Alinia--eat something freaky for me.