Thursday, March 29, 2012


Baby is very much alive with a wee beating heart and measuring 6w3d. Mommy, on the other hand, is The Walking Dead. I've been alternating between moaning, coughing, moaning and coughing, and retching-from-coughing since Tuesday evening. Virus. Big one. Mutant. Horrendous. I just broke the fever last night, finally, although I'm still running a low-grade fever around 99-100. I tossed and turned last night thinking that I was deep-frying the baby in my fever haze. But alas, baby is alive and kicking (limb buds). And I am sacking out on the sofa and drinking healing elixirs (Gatorade) until I feel better.



Lisa said...

Well now I feel like a jerk. Hope you feel better soon!

Roccie said...

Whew I thought it was morning sickness. This virus is a bonus now, no? Just temporary? (it was worth a shot.)

Feel better heart beating momma.

jenicini said...

Feel better! Deep frying...hahaha.

JB said...

Lisa -- don't feel bad. Unless YOU"RE the one who gave me the virus.... ;)

Roccie -- no, there's baby-nausea, too, that has never left me and is now back in full force. Lucky me. My betas are through the roof so it's no surprise I'm feeling seasick on dry land.

Jen -- battered, crispy, deep-fried, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. ;)

Mina said...

First of all, to catch up, WOWZA! One baby growing and making your eyes water with nausea - hell yeah! Not that it is a good thing to feel sick, but it is for a good cause. :-) And I just bet this made it aaaaaall loads easier for ya, didnit?

Sorry for the virus, colds and viruses while pregnant suck donkey balls and fighting them with "fluids and homeopathic remedies" sucks even more. I do not believe in homeopoopoo, and I guess this is why it never works ith me. Fingers crossed it goes away SOON.

I am truly very happy for you! :-D

kdactyl said...

Sorry about the cold. Yay for a bouncing bean with a heartbeat! Yahoo!!!!

hope4joy said...

I am also fighting a nasty bug. Me,the baby and the husband have been passing it around for a week now. However, I don't have the morning (all day) sickness so you win!

Keep chuggin' those fluids and rest up. If I know anything Jackson's nose will start running the day you start to feel better. Not jinxing you, just sharing in your misery!

Congrats on that sweet little heartbeat.

bunny said...

HEARTBEAT. OH YAY. One hurdle cleared. So thrilled the nausea's for a purpose. As for the hideous bug of death, fuuuuuuck. Hope it's over soon.