Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yakkity Yak

Oh hello, Nausea. I remember you. You suck.

Funny, I don't remember inviting Constipation to this party, either. Someone must have leaked the password (fidelio).

Also, my ass is lumpy and sore from however-many-weeks-now of PIO shots. About 2 more weeks to go. And then I can sleep on my side in comfort again. Except for Nausea and Constipation, my loyal companions. Insomnia can't be far behind. (Teething toddler night time drama is helping hasten that.)

But I'm not really complaining, y'all. I got the baby. We get to see a heartbeat this week. Huzzah.



Rebecca said...

Just when you think you've got pregnancy down pat with the first one completed the second one decides to be different and mess with you.

Good luck!

jenicini said...

Oh the fun! :D

bunny said...

Constipation never needs an invite, man. Just shows up to crash the party. Just as long as it all goes away after T1, rather than fucking with you forEVER, right?

kdactyl said...

Sometimes I get a little nostalgic about pregnancy and having babies....and then I am reminded....I am too old, I can't get pregnant without way too much intervention and money AND...I basically hated being pregnant!!!! So thanks for the reminder. We got out two miracle babies and we are soooo happy. And I am sooo happy for you that all is going well....Go get yourself a box of Quaker Oat bran cereal...looks a little like dog food...but tastes yum and will knock that constipation out of the park!!!!!


Lisa said...

Ok, what gives? You update on the side that you saw a heartbeat (!) but no real update? C'mon! I need details so I can continue living vicariously through you!!!