Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Since I am insatiably hungry and yet also nauseous and constipated all the time, I had a sudden stroke of genius. If I need to eat like I have a second and third stomach, and also to eliminate this grazed-upon food, how about SALAD. Easy to believe I have a PhD, isn't it? Thank goodness my fondness for all things savory makes this genius plan possible. Balsamic vinaigrette, come to Butt-head. Because I am tired/exhausted/wiped/lazy, I asked KB to pick up a big bag o'salad that I am owning right now. I should be a sated, champion shitter in no time. And this will help immensely with my returning hemorrhoid (we'll call her Rose McGowan).



Mina said...

Bravo! Salads help me too. And fruit. Not bananas though. But apples and melon, bull's eye! You know what I mean. :-)

bunny said...

Can I make you a t-shirt that reads "sated, champion shitter"? Will you wear it always?

Trinity said...

Hehehe :) I think a shirt that reads "Salad Shooter" might also be fitting.

I have been making my own vinaigrettes lately, and they have been luuurvely. Last night I made one with mashed strawberries, which I bet could be an awesome addition to some balsalmic vinegar, dude.

Your Rose McGowan and my Winona Ryder? Such annoying super bitches.