Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Again, to the land of the living...and god bless Sir Alexander Fleming for being a sloppy scientist. Thanks to his carelessness (and the more recent development of the corporate conglomerate pharmaceutical industry), my sinus infection is nearly gone. My teeth still ache a little, but I can breathe and chew and sleep at night. All good things. All conducive to living.

My nausea has been intermittent, not helped much by the constant postnasal drainage from said sinus infection. The cough-gag-heave has been perfected. Thank goodness it's rare. I hate to think how many calories I'm consuming via ginger ale to deal with nausea (no diet drinks for me....I don't want the bebe to get rat cancer like all those scary chain email say we'll get...science!). I'm avoiding taking Zofran unless the nausea is superbad, because it contributes to the constipation. O! the constipation. It, in turn, exacerbates the nausea. It's a tangled web we weave, oh bebe of mine. I've taken to announcing in grand fashion when I have a reasonable dump, because it's so rare and deserves fanfare. Bet you wish you lived with me. I'm a gem.

My mother-in-law will be back from her winter-in-Florida soon and it's pretty hard to hide my status anymore. I did manage to do so successfully at a birthday party over the weekend --  I was even asked if I had lost a couple of pounds which set off hysterical laughter that required no explanation as I shoveled pasta salad and hamburgers and cupcakes into my food hole. I have actually gained only a few pounds, which I expected, thanks to IVF (though falling short of its traditional 5 pounds from hyperstimulation) and the constipation (I'm also gestating a poo-baby) and, oh yeah, eating ALL THE TIME. I am so hungry, y'all. I would win the Hunger Games out of sheer determination to feed my face, no other skills required. I don't have any weird cravings, but like before everything savory is goooood. But back to my mother-in-law, we're thinking we'll tell her and the family around Mother's Day, when I'll be 12 weeks. If I can hide my chowing and discomfort and expanding waistline until then. Then the daily calls from her and KB's aunt (the mother-in-law's sister-in-law, but her busybody twin) can begin. Goody.

And now that I'm caught up with work (finally, let's hope it lasts) I have a million other chores to tend to. It's daunting. I should find most of it fun -- car shopping, shopping for new baby furniture and double-strollers, planting flowers -- but I am too tired to get excited. It just looks like more work. I'm hoping (expecting) to have a significant break in work (it may even be possible to take 1-2 weeks off with no client contact if I'm lucky) near the end of May, so most of that stuff can wait and it won't be too late. Except for the car. My lease is up May 14 and I haven't bothered to visit a dealership or test drive anything or really make any attempt to get that ball rolling. Blargh. Pregnant Jen is so lazy.



kdactyl said...

Oh...the constipation. I do not envy you girl. But...it is all for a good cause. So glad you are feeling better. I always seemed to get a nasty cold within the 1st 12 weeks of my pregnancies...it sucked big time. Tip that worked for me on the constipation....(and it helps with the wanting to eat all the time too)...get yourself a box of Quaker Oats cracklin oat bran. It literally looks like dog food...but that shit is yummy and packed with fibre. I kept it in zip lock baggies everywhere and just munched on it throughout the day. Totally took care of the poo baby problem! Ahhhhhh.
So happy all is going well...boo hiss on the return of the MIL~!


bunny said...

Hurrah! Living again! I'm really glad you've got a work break coming up. I'm hoping you'll feel a lot better by then, but if not, at least you'll be able to FUCKING REST.

Yeah, high fives on the laziness. I'm almost 22 weeks and only now becoming capable of doing...anything at all.

jenicini said...

hahaa, love the lost weight comment! I don't know why but I'm sitting here grinning at the stupid computer. You really prego Jen! You are going to tell people and shizzzzz!

Trinity said...

Relieved to hear you're feeling better! :)

ZOMG,the telling. The telling! If the nausea and constipation and flattening exhaustion didn't make it feel real, this surely will. Awwwwww! :)

Announcing a substantial dump is de rigueur in this house. Betcha wished you lived with us.

Now, the real question is, my lovely friend, ARE YOU GOING TO GET A MINIVAN? :)

Mina said...

Loved the lost weight comment as well. People just have these lines in their head and they spew them out randomly, don't you think?
Glad to hear you're back to the land of living. Conserve your energy, you'll need it when them phonecalls start brightening your day, my friend. And don't worry, the heartburn should go away soon. :-p