Monday, April 9, 2012

Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Or, uncle.

After recovering from the flu a couple of weeks ago, I had a respite of a week during which I only had pregnancy-related nausea (what a treat!). And then on Easter Sunday (thank you, sweet baby Jesus) my stomach started to feel decidedly not okay and a low-grade fever came on. I mean, come the fuck on. So now I have some stomach bug that is tolerable, I guess, but makes me feel like complete and total ass AND clients are lining up to hammer me with work-related garbage I cannot deal with today. Fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Here's some funny for you, though (depending on where you fall on the spectrum of fucked-up-ness): over the weekend we went in to Jackson's room in the morning to get him up for the day, and he had unzipped his sleep sack and stripped himself naked right down to removing his diaper. Which was full of poo. Which he smeared all over the sheet and the crib rail. Yay! Super double yay! Emergency bath and emergency laundry and try not to barf from the smell of poo in your horrified nares, yay!  He's been removing his sleep sack and his pants every morning since, but so far has left the diaper on. Good boy.

And for some good news: my last PIO shot is tonight. Legitimate genuine yay! And my last RE visit is this week, then I graduate to regular pregnant lady status. Again. Whoa. And I have still managed to tell no more than one person, so I am happy for that. Until I stop suffering various biblical plagues and feel human again, I cannot handle increased human interaction. Not of the mother-in-law and well-meaning friend types. The daily annoying phone calls can wait. Indefinitely, for now.



bunny said...

Oooooh, you poor, poor thing. This is deeply unfair. The universe is a bit of an asshole, huh?

jenicini said...

Omg...trying desperately not to laugh at that image, knowing that it would be horrible to walk in on when preggo and nauseous...but really? That's just mean Jackson! Yay for the last shot!

Anonymous said...

FU, blogger, and your assnessity!

I hope you catch a bloody break soon, you surely could do with a break from all this crap.

Learning new skills is awesome until you have to deal with shit. Which makes potty training scary.

Congrats on becoming normal soon! Yay for last shot. ;-)

Rachael said...

Everyone told me when they start doing that it means they're ready to be lofty trained...1 year later and he still refuses to work on lofty training but still strips off his diaper daily!

Glad to hear you had your final shot. :)

kdactyl said...

OH my...that is all pretty shitty...pun is something you may want to try....put the sleep sac on backwards and he can't get to the zipper :)! It will piss him off to no end...but usually keeps the clothes and the poo contained.
Yay for last PIO. Your RE is nice...mine made us go at least 10 weeks and for me...the lucky 12 weeks!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.


Lisa said...

Happy Graduation day!

kdactyl said...

I saw you updated your timeline and that you have graduated from RE to OB and baby looks good. yay!!!!! Congrats.