Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ode to Zofran

How do I love thee, Zofran? Let me count the ways. I love that I just ate and didn't feel like vomiting with every bite. I love that you began working your magic right away. I love that I feel a little more human now with you in my system, and less like an alien host for a tiny monster.

Speaking of the tiny monster, the womb critter is doing just fine. I have one more week of ass shots (PIO, I do not love you) and one more RE visit, then I am cut loose. Again. Then 7 months of gestating my womb fruit until it is Time.

We have told very few people, just a couple of close friends who knew we were doing another IVF cycle. I asked KB if we could wait to tell his family until I feel a little better. I can't handle the daily phone calls from mom and his aunt, tag-teaming me with nosiness, to ask how I feel every. single. day. When I'm in survival mode and trying to get some work done on the side. When they ask about symptoms I don't have because they don't know there are more than the ones they remember (every day, last time: "How's your heartburn today?" "I don't have any heartburn. Just nausea." "Oh, your heartburn will go away soon like mine did." "Fine.").

Mostly I'm feeling like a hermit. I would like to hunker down for a few months to get past the worst part (until the next worst part in third trimester, when the insomnia and the pelvic pain turns up). I just don't have much use for humanity right now and respectfully request that they stay the hell away for a while longer. Please and thank you. Also, humanity, keep your germs away. Enough already.

And to end on a high note: here's some video of Jackson humping a balloon. You're welcome.



kdactyl said...

First...Yay that the little bean is still doing great. Second...Yay Zofran!!!! Third...Jackson is getting cuter everytime you post a pic/video of him! Love the curly lox! And I agree...hold off telling as long as you can....sometimes keeping the secret is part of the fun and excitement of the whole process!

Roccie said...

"You're welcome" is lol.

You are a better momma than me. I am sorry to say all I could think was pleasedontlethatthingpopandgivehimatinyheartattack.

Trinity said...

Dear Jen's Pregnancies,

Three cheers for Zofran, dude. I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling like the walking dead, though. Boooo.

Humping AND serenading the balloon? Such talent! My kid humps the floor sometimes. He is so weird.