Monday, May 21, 2012

Second Tri for the Second Time

Hellooooo, second trimester. Are you ready to give me a break? No, not yet? Fine. Please hurry.

I have a mental list of Things That Must Be Done around the house in the next few months, while I still feel like doing anything at all, and it's daunting. The third bedroom needs to be emptied of its current office furnishings, these need to find a new home somewhere in the family room and/or basement, and we need to bring new baby furniture in. And assemble it at some point. I haven't gotten that far in my imaginary to-do list. I sort of want to repaint that room but just a darker shade of the same color, and repaint the trim, but that may get scrapped as unnecessary work. And we have boatloads of yardwork to do but are thinking of hiring someone to do it this year. Throw money at the problem!

I've started looking at real estate listings again lately and everything I find online that looks like a house I'd want to live in for 20+ years is at the very tippy top of our price range. It probably exceeds what KB wants to pay. But I covet a newer turnkey house. I don't mind if we need to paint and refinish floors before we move in, but I don't want to create nor live in a construction zone, and end up paying more at the end of it all to do major renovation than if we'd bought a remodeled or new house. And I rationalize that my student loans will be paid in the next few years, and the cost of daycare will disappear in a few years, too. So it doesn't have to be a horizontal move (and if it were, would it really be worth moving?). I still hold out hope we could pull it off by next summer. Sure.

So don't burst my bubble, y'all. I just found a "Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home" that I totally want to live in. The master bath alone would be worth it.



Mina said...

Well, good luck with everything, I got exhausted just thinking about moving... Hope you get a break soon from nausea.

bunny said...

Sigh! I hope you can make your housing dream come true! And that you add "sit around with my feet up" and "watch a lot of trashy TV" to your things to be done around the house list.