Friday, June 15, 2012

Hormones 1, Jen 0

I'm only going out of town for 36 hours, but I'm going to miss the whole weekend and kissing Jackson goodnight for 2 whole nights. And KB has to be a single dad on Father's Day. Not even the promise of a good night's sleep in a swanky hotel makes me feel better. Snivel. Weep.



bunny said...

Awww, I'm sorry. My brief trip away was indeed nothing but mopey, but my longer one was long enough to get over the missing and into the relaxing. I hope yours turns out to be happier than expected. And some solo parenting sounds perfect for KB. After all, you have to do all the gestation, time for him to pitch in.

Mina said...

Dude, it can't havebeenTHAT bad for you to not post in so long... I actually hope it was better thanexpected. Freaking space bar!!
Hope all is well. You owe some updates, on yoursekf, your son (on the outside) and those lovely relatives if yours. Hope you find to time. :-)
Take care.