Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Perfect Storm (Silver Lining Included)

My weekend trip was fine, although the universe had a good laugh at my hope for a good night of sleep. My swanky hotel is in the heart of Iowa City (it has a downtown, for real) and although school is out, there was a riot of bar activity spilling out on the sidewalks and streets until 2am. Crikey. But the baby shower was nice, and it was great to catch up with my friend whom I see in person about once every 4 years or so. She's planning a home birth and has a lot of, um, expectations about how it *will* go and I don't have the heart to tell her it's not up to you. Good luck is all you can give.

Jackson did fine on his bachelor pad weekend with Daddy. Apparently on Saturday afternoon (I left that morning) he sat wistfully in the window and called for Mama every now and again, but didn't cry. And he didn't wake up at night (right now we're in a Mama-only nighttime comforting phase -- KB is DaytimeFunDaddy and I am MidnightWoeMama). So all's well that ends well. But I won't be doing it again any time soon. I really missed both of them.

Fast forward....today was my anatomy scan for Project Sibling. Everything looked great, the right numbers of fingers and toes and eyes and ventricles and chambers and kidneys and such. Anterior placenta with absence of previa and with three-vessel cord. Check marks all around. And I spied the gender. I know what both look like on ultrasound having viewed many others' (most of my friends seem to find out) and it was clear to me. So there's that. Knowledge is power. Or whatever.

And Jackson is sick. He was fine this morning, and then The Call came from school. Fever of 102 and lethargic. Curled up in the teacher's lap cuddling instead of going outside to see the real life firetruck (!) visiting the school. Poor baby. Of course, as soon as his acetaminophen kicked in he was chasing the dog around the house and squealing, but the fever keeps coming back and now the congestion and runny nose are here. My pediatrician's office convinced me to hold off on a visit, or come to morning walk-in hours if he gets worse, since these symptoms tell us nothing and all treatments are the same. There was a confirmed case of hand-foot-mouth at school, but his symptoms don't match so I'm not too worried about that. But I am missing work (oh, nuts) which means I have to make up some of it in the evening (shit) and try to keep clients from bugging me with their faux urgencies. We have a vacation planned next week to coincide with there being no school all week, but if we have to cancel and just stay home with a sick moppet, so be it. It's going to be hot as balls no matter where we are in Michigan, so I'm not planning on leaving the comfort of air conditioning for long no matter where I am.

And that is everything I know right now. Time to go make my hourly rounds to check my infirmed mini-me. I think I will have his creeping crud within a week. What's your over/under?



Lisa said...

I hope Jackson feels better soon! I had the luxury of staying up half the night Sunday with a puker. Nothing worse than seeing your little one sick.

Glad to hear that número dos looks good! I'm guessing you will not reveal your findings here, but my gut tell me it's another boy. Either way, Jackson will be an adorable big brother!

kdactyl said...

So glad your night away eas okay. Sorry for the lack if skeep! Even mire hapoy to hear about a healthy baby...yay. but are youbrealky going to keep it under wraps? Bummer.
I hope Jackson gets better quickky and you don't get it.


Mina said...

George had hand/ foot- mouth and it started pretty much the same. The spots came 2-3days later. After the fever he was fine. Hope whatever it is, it leaves you in peace soon.

Glad to hear all is well with bébé zwei, but I for one do not appreciate your flaunting and not sharing the gender knowledge. I am curious, woman! I am a curious woman. Do you intend to tell us? I wonder...

Anyway, enjoy your holiday where ever you may end up. Rest and have fun.

bunny said...

MidnightWoeMama cracked me up. I am bummed you didn't get a super good night's sleep. SIGH. I want to stab my husband every time he mentions sleeping through the night. BASTARD. But anyway, good on you for not holding your tongue about your friend's absurd ideas that she's in control. It's what good friends do, and I'm terrible at it.

Yay for an anatomically correct fetus! That's wonderful. Hope the toddler gets well soon.