Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Well Then

Bullet time.
  • I had my 16-week OB appointment today and my nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. So she got the portable ultrasound and my doctor and I cried uncontrollably until the doctor came in and saw what a hot mess I was and then found the heartbeat in under 30 seconds. Holy fuck.
  • I had my first (probably of many) dizzy spells this morning while trying to get Jackson dressed. It involves turning ashen gray, sweating profusely, and gaining the superpower of extreme tunnel vision all very quickly. KB was still home and came in to take over so I could sit down. Pregnancy is so fucking beautiful, y'all. My doctor advised me to eat more salt. Okay. I like salt. 
  • The anatomy scan is in 3 weeks and I am still undecided if I want to know the gender of the baby or not. There's no good reason to find out other than curiosity. Still thinking about it.
  • I have a few months of very slow work and have had numerous requests to take on more -- and am declining. I need time to nap. And get another nursery put together. And nap.


Trinity said...

In my reader only the first sentence or so populated for this post, and my fucking heart just plummeted to my fucking feet at that first sentence. You are gestating quite the stinker, apparently.

It's good to hear from your sweaty, ashen ass. Now go take a nap.


Mina said...

Jeez, that nurse could have made this honest mistake with someone else... Go nap. And eat something on your way to that nap!

kdactyl said...

Oh my goodness...what a freaking scary moment. Yikes. I actually had the real "no heartbeat" ultrasound and it is devastating. So happy you did not have to experience that.
I'm all for extra naps....I think that is a great plan!!!!

Roccie said...

Holy fuck.

You gotta wait on that sex revelation, only because I did and I like to see someone else squirm through the pain.

Let us see you belly again.

Lisa said...

Phew, I'm so glad you just have a sneaky baby, but I'm sorry for the scare! That sounds very upsetting. Why must it always feel like a rollercoaster?

bunny said...

Oooof, you gotta lead with the EVERYTHING'S OKAY. Although I guess it's only fair to scare the shit out of us, too.

I may have said this already, but I'm far more curious this time around. Probably partly because last time I was primarily focused on making it all the way to motherhood, but also because it feels like the sex of my child will have a genuine impact on its sibling. There's got to be a pretty big difference between having a brother or a sister, right? Anyway, eat some pickles while you ruminate.

(Sigh--you know what's nice and salty? A margarita.)

ASP said...

Man, that must've been some scary stuff with the heartbeat. Sorry you even had to go through that. Terrible stuff. I wish a doctor would tell me to eat more salt. I'd be heaven and have a salt lick installed in my kitchen. Stay well, Momma.