Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seether Is Neither Black Nor White

  • Vacation was nice. Jackson loved the beach on Lake Michigan and he loved the indoor play places we found when it got stupid hot and he took 2.5-hour naps every day which was the best. thing. ever. I got to nap, too. Halleloo.
  • Work is under control. I'm busy but my part-time-ness is sticking quite nicely right now, and I'm finding enough time to do things. Although cleaning out the office to convert it into a nursery still hasn't magically completed itself. I did buy a desk for the family room and move my work computer and whatnot out, but there's still so much stuff in there. It's so tempting some days to just haul it to the curb unsifted. But I think there are mortgage documents and birth certificates and things like that lurking around in there, so I probably have to get sifting. Maybe if I pile more shit in there I can call Hoarders to do it for me....
  • Did I mention we know what le bebe #2 is? Besides awesome, natch. We're having a........nother boy. He is named. You can wait for that. Now I can tell Jackson to stop kicking his brother. Also, this means I am surrounded by penises. Penii. A future of fart jokes.
  • We had a nice little sleep regression after returning from vacation, and got past it, and then my next-door neighbors thought it would be super cool to set off massive fireworks three times in the past week. Waking up Jackson between 10 and 11pm when the bombs went off and scaring him senseless and then us getting to spend all fucking night trying to calm him back to sleep. KB marched over there last night as soon as their ginormous explosive display was over and dropped some f-bombs of his own. And perhaps they'd been drinking themselves into pickling but they just stared at him and someone mumbled something about it being okay because of an ordinance and KB laid into them for that being the shittiest excuse of all time for terrorizing your neighbors and then stomped home. But I am not through with these fuckers. I want a face-to-face conversation in which I lay out for them how it's gonna go from now on if they can't use some common sense and behave like sensible, respectful neighbors. I don't care if you are empty-nesters who like to hit the sauce and shoot off fireworks on a weeknight for giggles, you can shove those firecrackers up your ass as far as I care. Also, I checked on the city ordinance and they're only permitted on July 4th and one day before and after. So after I've stalked their house for the next few days to get them to answer the door (I think they're avoiding us, I hope out of shame), which if that fails I will write a tactful and pointed letter and drop it in their mailbox, any future utterings louder than a whisper coming out of their house will prompt a call to the local PD. If I'm already up pacing the floors with a terrified toddler, I couldn't care less if calling the police is a hassle. (P.S. these are not the asshole neighbors across the street I normally bitch about. They actually walked over there with KB to back him up. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend. ? Also, we do have nice neighbors we like, I swear.)
  • Gotta end on a high note. Jackson, tenderly watering his duck ("I water him." "He's wet!"):



Lisa said...

A boy! I was right! Yay! Sorry to hear about the neighbors. I lit in to ours on Christmas night when I was pregnant with Noah. They were partying loudly in their hot tub and I was woken up around 1:00am. Rude neighbors suck. I'm all for calling the cops, but if that doesn't work out, please do shove those fireworks up their ass! And then post a picture.

kdactyl said...

Yay for another boy. Jackson is soooo cute watering his duck. Love all he curly hair and his sweet little voice.
I cannot wait to hear about the neighbor ass kicking!

Mina said...

Congratulations! And welcome to the only uterus in the house club! We're mighty glad to have you here. :-) It's not all that special for the moment, but when we are able to use the bath alone again, I guess we will be made to feel special.

Boy, your neighbours suck! At least those with the fireworks.

Hope sleep is great again.

bunny said...

Brothers! Brothers are so awesome. How wonderful. I can't wait to see how he resembles J and how he's different...

*Checks calendar* I'm pretty sure it's not anywhere near July 4th. I hope you do catch those fuckers and scare the shit out of them with your awesomeness.

Trinity said...

So, I had been dyyyying to ask when you last mentioned that you saw the bits on your u/s, but I thought it would be all improper of me, so I didn't. Another BOY! Woohoo for penii! (Er, you know what I mean.)

This pregnancy has been the polar opposite of Arlo's in nearly every single way, and even though I understand I am only just on the cusp of the time frame in which sex organs begin to develop, I swear this has to be a girl. And can I say this without sounding like a total shit? A daughter freakin' TERRIFIES me. What kind of self-described feminist trembles at the idea of parenting a girl child? :(

Glad you guys had a good getaway! Oh, and the neighbor kids were lighting firecrackers off in the alley behind my house and I jumped up thinking they were gunshots. Three cheers for urban living!