Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Check, Please

  1. 28-week gestational diabetes testing: DONE.
  2. Promotional box o'formula gifted casually by the NP with a dismissive hand sweep: DONE.
  3. Flu shot stick: DONE.
  4. Rhogam stick: DONE.
  5. Mental calculation of 9 weeks until full-term: DONE.



Trinity said...

Nine weeks. Holy shit. Does this pregnancy seem like it went by faster for you than your pregnancy with Jackson? 'Cause mine sure does. (Does it make me an asshole that I am already comparing these two?)

jenicini said...


bunny said...

WOAH. I know that's still a trimester's worth of pregnancy, but yeah, that went by really fast for us. No one cares about you and all your physical ills. Anyway, let's bring this baby on home!