Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Non-Stress Stress Relief

The NST was no biggie and the little man passed with flying colors. It still sucks donkey nuts that I have to do this weekly until the baby is born (so, 5-8 more weeks....that's both incredibly CLOSE and impossible FAR away). We'll do a growth scan in about 4 weeks or so to see if he's normal size or mutant. If mutant, then we'll schedule an induction or C-section (I guess that depends on just how mutant, and/or his position) at 39 weeks. I asked if we could move it up one week, if it's required at all, in consideration of the one and only silver lining: convenience in scheduling. See, I went into labor with Jackson in the 38th week. And we're all fairly well convinced that is likely to happen again. But if the C-section in particular is deemed necessary, I would prefer to know the day and time to make arranging childcare for Jackson much simpler. Otherwise, if I go into labor spontaneously before 39 weeks, we'd have an unscheduled C-section and lose that one and only benefit. Plus, who the hell wants an unscheduled C-section if a scheduled one can be arranged (when medically necessary, mind you). But alas, our hospital does not permit scheduling such procedures prior to 39 weeks as a matter of policy. Boo. I'm not trying to pull a celebrity trick here, just trying to make the best of a potential, undesirable situation. But there is a reasonably good chance that the wombfruit will not grow too big or ripen too fast, and we can just wait for natural labor to kick in and be on our merry, unscheduled way. So I'm working on devising Plans A, B, and C for lining up minders for Jackson when it's go-time. Fun.



bunny said...

What a tedious policy! And oh boy, the complicatedness. I wish you had some non-insane family who could be relied upon to come out. I guess the one thing that occurs to me is to move fast on finding a nanny, since you've said you're planning on doing that anyway. If you can find someone you trust, he or she...who am I kidding...SHE could take on Jackson?

kdactyl said...

That's a bummer...I had both my babies by sched c-section at 38w4d. The first one was breech so it kind of led me to just follow the same protocol with #2 even though she was head down...but I also had the GD in that 2nd pregnancy too so my Dr. wanted her out before 39 weeks and I was NOT going to risk and induced VBAC. And yes...it was so much easier to arrange our son's care this way. Good luck and so glad NST went fine.


Mina said...

I found weekly ctg's with Stevie cumbersome too. I had George to take care of and it seemed a waste of three hours to have them. But in the end it was good to have them, since I had low fluid early on in the third trimester, which just stayed on the low side and not dangerous one.
And just so uou know, it is CLOSE, not far. Far is an optical illusion. It is close. Trust me. :-)
Sort out what yhave to sort and put yer feet up, woman. Have some mignions cater to your whims. Or just put your feet up for five minutes. Whatever works for you.