Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pour Some Sugar on Me

My blood glucose (and normal reference cutoff values) yesterday:
  • 8am, morning fasting: 126 mg/dL (95)
  • 11am, 2 hrs post breakfast (oatmeal): 183 mg/dL (120)
  • 2pm, 2 hrs post lunch (PB&J on wheat): 130 (120)
  • 8pm, 2 hrs post dinner (chicken burrito): 99 (120)
Not looking too good. (And for those of you with experience, yes, I ate morning and afternoon snacks and everything was complex carb-no processed sugar and as much protein as I could work in). Rather than jumping straight to insulin, my OB suggested we can try oral meds first (glyburide and metformin have been shown to be as effective as insulin at lowering and stabilizing blood sugar, and actually present lower risk to the baby for hypoglycemia at L&D vs insulin). I have to keep up with the dietary control (for what it's apparently worth) and record blood sugar values until next week, and then we'll go over the results and decide how to proceed. I am really hoping we don't need to escalate the OB visit schedule and/or add a bunch of NSTs or ultrasounds. I don't need more to worry about. I'm also bummed by the prospect of me having to be closely monitored for blood sugar during delivery (read: more intervention) and the baby being poked numerous times after birth (they all get tested, so hopefully his first result will be good). I explained all this to my OB and she gets it. She told me what I already know: one step at a time. Sure.



kdactyl said...

I had to go on the made all the difference and was all I needed. Once on that...I was stable for weeks before delivery and all was good. She was born with perfect sugars and only had to be tested twice.

bunny said...

Oh Jen, I'm really sorry. It sounds just awful, and disappointing, and I know you're too much of a badass to be scared, but scary. In short, FUUUUUUUUCK. I hope you got a cathartic cry with your therapist today!

Rhianna said...

I'm sorry, Jen. Sigh. This fucking blows. I know that all you see right now is the potential downpour of shit that could cascade from this. One day at a time is all you can do, woman. One complex carb, no-refined sugar meal in front of the other. I'm encouraged by kdactyl's experience and hope it follows suit for you, should you need to go that route.

I hope you're feeling some reprieve and rest during your little getaway. Thinking of you. X

Roccie said...

It is a science to eat correctly with this shit. I hope you dont get there.