Monday, September 24, 2012

So Now You Are Two

Both KB and I were a little sentimental when we got up with Jackson Sunday morning. He woke up not too early (for once) and in good spirits (not always true) and when we reminded him it was his birthday, he answered back that he was "two!" *one pointer finger on each hand held up* and clapped and we melted a little. He helped around the house and at the grocery store all day long, and was hysterically happy (in an adorable, involuntarily-make-you-laugh kind of way) when his friends showed up for his party. He shared his toys and ate his taco and chowed on cake and it was good.

I ate cake and ice cream and still had normal blood sugars. (So go fuck yourself, diabetes!)

Here is his cake, y'all:
And some cookies I made (bear paws! acorns!):
And cookies I bought as back-ups in case my cookies sucked (which they didn't, so more cookies!):
And party decorations (the crappier the thing, the more likely I made it; everything else was from Etsy):
And homemade play-dough for the kiddies:
A good day.



kdactyl said...

LOVE IT!!! Our sweet girl will be two in November and I haven't a clue what I am going to do. These are all so cute!
Glad you had your cake and ate it too!!!! tee hee

Rachael said...

What a fun party!

Will you *pretty please* post your acorn & bear paw cookie recipes??

JB said...

Rachael-- the choco cookie recipe is from here:

I made the full recipe and just made the cookies smaller -- 2 oz (or size 16 scoop) instead of 4 oz, patted them down like hamburger patties, then added peanut butter chips and peanut butter candy melts to make the "paws." 16 minutes (minimum cooking time) in the oven was just right. Next time, I may substitute milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet to balance the heaviness of the cocoa powder.

The acorn cookies are so easy it's ridiculous -- attach chocolate kisses to half of a mini Nutter Butter cookie sandwich, then use some peanut butter (from the discarded Nutter Butter halves) to glue on a peanut butter chip "stem." A good solid half hour of mindless, delicious work.

Rhianna said...

What an adorable day! Can't think of a cuter way to ring in a tyke's third year in the world. So happy he's in it, Mama. X

Lisa said...

Adorable. All of it. And seriously, how smart is little Jackson? He said he was two and held up two fingers? I'm impressed. Two has been the most fun age in my mind. Enjoy!

Mina said...

Oh, whatta cake! And cookies! Oh, my...

I hope you had tons of fun!

bunny said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! It's all so cute and fabulous! Nice work, you diabetic genius!

Roccie said...

Ms. Stewart if you're nasty.