Friday, October 19, 2012

Swell Season

It has begun. The Cankling. Being on my feet for any extended period of time past, say, I dunno, 15 minutes results in lower extremity swelling. Awesome. (At least *knocks on all hard surfaces that even resemble wood* there has been no upper extremity problem, like the painful neuropathy/numbness I had last time, that lingered for weeks postpartum.)

I'm also pretty amazed this baby has so much apparent room, being a mutant giant and all, to move around as much as he does. He shifts position constantly. And it feels horribly uncomfortable. I've tried to reason with him, have tried complaining to him, and have tried poking and pushing back on his wee giant parts from the outside, all to no avail. He's got the moves like Jagger.

My 36-week appointment is Tuesday and I'm going to initiate a frank discussion with the doctor about several things. 1) It needs to be noted in my chart that I have a medical education, am not a layperson, and do not want to be approached like I'm in the lowest common denominator and/or have a third grade education. I want facts, medically accurate information, options, and respect. There's a variation between doctors in the practice as to how I am spoken to and how much information, requested or volunteered, I receive. I'm also sick of hearing about "hospital policy" when what I want to know is about clinical judgement. When everything was fine, this was not an issue. Whilst shit is hitting the fan, this needs to be fixed. Especially in time for L&D. 2) I want to know if they'll support me in an effort beginning at 37 weeks to do whatever we can to kickstart labor for a spontaneous L&D experience, in the form of weekly (or more often, I don't care) internal checks and, if possible, membrane sweeping. This promotes release of prostaglandins that encourage the cervix to ripen and, to use a medical term, get busy. I can't imagine why they would be opposed to this approach, but you never know. I am interested in anything, medically validated or wives' tales, that helps us avoid the need for pharmacological or surgical intervention. I chose this practice in the first place for their minimum-intervention philosophy and statistics, but it feels like at the first sign of complication, that gets checked at the door. Imma get it back. (The OB I'm seeing at my 37-week appointment seems like she would be on board with my request, but I'm not 100% sure. The OB I'm seeing at my 38-week appointment with follow-up ultrasound, my favorite OB in the practice, I think would be. She gets my concerns.)

Maybe I'm committed. Or just stubborn. Or should be committed. No matter.



Rhianna said...

Stubbornness is a strength, dude. I like your action plan. However this all unfolds, one can never say that you didn't exert your damnedest effort to advocate for yourself and your womb fruit. For reals.

Evening primrose oil is also supposed to be a great source of prostaglandins. If I remember correctly, you can take it orally as soon as now, and then shove it up yo' vag when Giant Baby is term for extra ripenin' effect.

And, well, there is also [cue foreboding music] castor oil. I know several ladies (my sister included) who did this to kick start labor when under an induction deadline, and it worked. One big probable drawback [more foreboding music]: The D. Yeeeah, diarrhea, cha-cha-cha. And I think there has also been some discussion about whether or not this makes the baby pass mec in utero, which, you know, can be a whole 'nother ball of intervention. Just thoughts.

Lauren said...

Stretch and sweep totally worked for me. I had one at 37 weeks 1 day, when I was already 2cm dilated, and I immediately went into labour (within the hour). The only problem was that I then STAYED in early labour, with bad contractions every 7-10 minutes, for the next 48 hours. Then my midwife came over, found I was now 6cm dilated, but could stretch to 8 with very little effort. She did another stretch and sweep and I immediately went into active labour and had my baby 2.5 hours later, at home, at 37 weeks 3 days.

So, I'm a believer. I hope they'll do them for you.

Roccie said...

Mine sounds dumb.

Borscht soup.