Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Down and Three-to-Five to Go

Or, One Down and 3.6 to Go. Find out what and why here unless you're already a music nerd like me.

Third NST was fine. Baby boy is a champ. The practice OB I saw today answered all my lingering questions about what GD means to my labor options and the L&D process itself. Here's what I know:
  • Growth scan is scheduled for next week (35 weeks) to see if the extrapolated size of the baby will be >9 lbs by 39 weeks. If so, C-section. If not, plain ol' vag delivery.
  • After the scan we'll schedule induction (or C-section if warranted) for 39 weeks. Hopefully I'll go into spontaneous labor before that, but we won't go past 39 weeks due to GD.
  • The hospital now uses wireless monitors so I will be FREE! to wander the halls and move around to deal with contractions. Except if/when I get an epidural, after which I will have to stay in bed (but I'll try to at least switch positions, sit on the side, etc. to keep labor moving).
  • I'll get my blood sugar tested frequently during active labor and if it's high, will get IV insulin to keep it in the normal range. This minimizes the risk of the baby having hypoglycemia.
  • Gloriously, all GD interventions and monitoring will cease 100% for me immediately after delivery. I will have to do another glucose tolerance test at my 6-week postpartum visit to confirm that the diabetes is cured (amen), but getting the baby out is the cure.
  • Even if the baby has low blood sugar at birth, they won't send him to the NICU for monitoring (assuming everything else is fine as well). The treatment would be to breastfeed right away (which I already plan to do) and if that doesn't work, he'd need a small amount of formula. Whatever it takes, I'm just glad to know he won't have to leave our room.
It's good to have a plan. Now I just have to keep on truckin' for 3-5 weeks. I think I can, I think I can...



Mina said...

Fantastic! Sounds like a great plan. Fingers crossed everything works out the way you want.

bunny said...

Three to five weeks! Sounds like a combination of scary and encouraging. Which is what baby hoarding is all about.

Roccie said...

We would never call your vag plain.