Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two for Two

The second NST went just fine today, with baby boy cooperating admirably. We also confirmed he's head-down, which I could tell mostly by the head-butting of my bladder and the butt-butting of my ribs. But good to know for certain. There will be a growth scan some time in the next several weeks.

My blood glucose values have been mostly fine, with a few excursions above normal (but not by much). The more common issue has been low values, necessitating a bigger and more urgent snack when I feel crappy (I can tell before even checking that it's going to be too low). I have to do a better job of planning morning snacks especially, to avoid the hypoglycemic response that can in turn prompt a surge in blood sugar afterward. So damn complicated. But only for a few more (4? 5?) weeks.

I finally worked out the details of Operation Toddler Watch, for when we have to go to the hospital to wrap up Operation Get This Baby Outta Me. One of Jackson's teachers is available on any weekday to pick him up in my car (because of the carseat) and feed him dinner and put him to bed, then wait patiently for KB to come relieve her of her duties. She can stay overnight the first night if needed. Score. We have another babysitter who can come over on a weekend, and can also stay the night if needed. (Our plan, assuming an uneventful delivery, is for KB to spend evenings/nights/early mornings at home after the first night to keep Jackson in his routine as much as possible). And a neighbor offered to come over if we have to scoot in the middle of night. So. Whew. I was having a mini-freak-out earlier this week about the nuclear option, which would be KB staying with Jackson during all non-school hours and possibly leaving me to birth a baby BY MYSELF. It's been our misfortune thus far that KB has not been able to attend a single OB appointment (even the anatomy scan), so the prospect of L&D being a solo visit just walloped me. Plus, what if something goes wrong? What if it turns into emergency surgery? Or would I labor all alone in the L&D room while the nurses are out chit-chatting at the nurses' station? If the baby has to spend time in the NICU for low blood sugar who would go with him and then follow him to my room? Gah. Mindfuck. But we seem to have it worked out now, so hopefully this plan sticks and everything goes according to it.

My maternity leave starts in 4 weeks. Hell yeah.



bunny said...

High fives, head down cooperative fetus! I'm glad things are falling into place with the childcare. I was super anxious about the whole prospect, but your plan sounds very good.

Rhianna said...

I'm not trying to get all obnoxiously optimistic over here, but DUDE, it's coming together! X

Mina said...

I had some baby sitting plans for my induction, but it did not work out as planned, so I was alone when I gave birth. As in sans husband. So good for you to have back up to back up plan. Also, the second time it IS faster, but it still hurts. Nevertheless, you got over it once, you will the second time. :-)
Not long now. You know, I envy you. Giving birth was pretty special. And the first weeks, as trying as they were, they were also special. And they are gone. As in not coming back. So there, if it makes you feel any better, you are envied. :-)