Sunday, October 28, 2012

What the What

Almost a full 24 hours now of contractions somewhere between Braxton Hicks and the "real" ones I remember from early Stage 1 labor. This is no fun. I tried timing some last night but they're all over the place and I fell asleep in my effort, so I guess whatever they are, they aren't very organized yet. Haven't lost the plug and no signs of amniotic leak. Just annoying random contractions.

And I just made a list of things I planned to do this week, not the least of which is finish the baby's nursery (move in furniture and hang pictures). Crikey. Guess I'd better make Monday a hustle day. I haven't even carved a pumpkin yet. Add that to Monday's list. (I wanted to be ambitious and carve a Bert and an Ernie because obviously, but maybe just a Cookie Monster will do.)

We'll find out if these are real contractions on Tuesday, since they'll show up on the NST monitor. Really, I need to make it until Tuesday so we're not considered "pre-term." Not that they'd stop it, and not that my 6+lb baby wouldn't be just fine, but you know, "high risk" yada yada yada. Although my favorite OB is on call tomorrow. Hmmm. Silver lining. We'll see, won't we?

Pregnancy blows for me, from start to end. The finish line is so close and I am hitting the wall. Bam.



Rhianna said...

GURRRRL, YOU GONNA HAVE A BAYBEEEEE!!!!! Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you, that I hope that these aren't real contractions (yet), but that they do mean the real deal is on its way sooner than later! (After your week's to-do list has been addressed, natch.)


Mina said...

It will soon be over. I hope it is when you are ready for it. Though when are we ever really ready? :-)

jenicini said...

Whoohoo! :) You are almost there!!