Monday, November 5, 2012

The Prodigal Son

Oh, that's right, I have a toddler, don't I? He's swell. Here's what he's been up to:
  • He talks and talks and talks now. We understand him about half the time. He also repeats a lot of words he hears, so my potty mouth needs to wise up and shut up.
  • He's obsessed with playing guitar. We let him watch youtube videos, which started out as Sesame Street and Pooh Bear, and has progressed to concert footage of our favorite bands (puppetmastering parenting at its finest!). So he studies Avett Brothers and Neil Young and Aimee Mann and Queens of the Stone Age and then strums away on his guitar. It's freaking awesome. He's starting to learn the words and sing along. Best thing ever.
  • Every night before bedtime (which is still around 7pm) he goes up to the window and asks about the moon. He likes to find it in the sky. Sadly, it's been cloudy for several weeks, and we have to deliver this disappointing news, but he takes it well.
  • He picked out a teddybear as a present for his little brother, and selected a giant version of the same bear for himself. Actually, the process was reversed as he saw the big bear first and declared, "MY TEDDYBEAR!" then picked up the wee version for the baby. The big bear is named Georgie. Georgie now sleeps in Jackson's crib along with Elmo, Abby, two blankets, and a pillow. Oh, and a Detroit Lions nerf football. It's an episode of Hoarders.
  • He has peed in the potty exactly once, and it was at school. We made a huge deal about how awesome that is and encourage a repeat every night before and after bathtime, but no dice. It was a one-time performance, for the time being. I'm not too concerned about potty training right now as even the pediatrician advised we should wait until after the baby is here. Otherwise, regression and accidents and frustration and setback. But we still encourage him to sit on the potty and let him in the bathroom when we go potty so he can see how it works. He really wants to wipe with paper, and will grab a square and pretend to do it over his clothes, so we've got that move down. That's something.
  • He seems to understand the baby is growing (boy, is he) in Mommy's tummy and will lift up my shirt to pat the baby, or kiss him (way to slay the pregnant lady....), and recently started holding up his milk cup to my belly to feed the baby. Hilarious. He tries to pour milk into my belly button. But then he quickly loses interest and yanks my shirt down, declaring, "Put it away!" So fickle. He can say "brother" and can even say his brother's name. I've been telling him in recent days that soon Mommy will go to the hospital where the doctor will help take the baby out of my tummy, and that Daddy will bring him (Jackson) to see us and then after that we'll all be home together. Whew. That's a lot for a kid to process. After explaining this slowly and earnestly a few days ago, he nodded his head and asked, "Where's my guitar?" Keeping it real. I guess we'll find out how this affects him in real time. Huh.
  • We're not shy about nudity around here, not yet anyway, and Jackson has never paid much attention until the past few weeks. He just noticed (or at least finally articulated) that Daddy, too, has a penis. And he delights in pointing out the similarity to his own anatomy. And when asked if Mommy has one, he excitedly screams out, "No penis!" And last week he walked in my bedroom as I was getting dressed and he noticed my breasts (probably due to darker nipples, thank you pregnancy) and ran up to point and ask, "What is that for?" I explained that Mommy makes milk there for the baby to drink and that he used to drink milk that way. Cue hysterical toddler laughter. But now he tries to grab my shirt and peek down to see where the milk comes from and laugh about it like it's our inside joke. Hahaha.
  • He's been an all-around pretty fun kid lately, minus a few tantrums here and there. I'm really excited to see his reaction to becoming a big brother. I think he'll take to it.


Mina said...

Oh, the fun of toddlerhood!
I have been tied up recently, and I was quite sure you'd had the baby by now. Work on the relaxing thing. :-)
Thinking of you.

jenicini said...

He sounds awesome!

bunny said...

Where's my guitar? Awesome. That's going to come in handy. Bun Bun used to blow raspberries on the belly, and yeah, so adorable. Yesterday she kicked her brother in the head. Less adorable. (And accidental, of course.)

I hope these last few days are sweet and perfect, and hey, that the upcoming ones are too.