Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Weeks Later

I just had my 6-week postpartum checkup with my OB. All clear to fornicate. Yippee! Hope my busted vag is in the mood. Cause my exhausted brain....and the sleeping baby radar....

My OB asked first and foremost how the baby is doing; if he's healed, if he has any long-term issues in his prognosis. He is fine. All healed. No chronic problems currently or expected. Then my OB told me he lost sleep over this delivery, that it was one of the hardest (he used the word "scary" a few times) he's had in 20 years of practicing. Huh. Did not expect to hear that. This final reminder of the big event made me think about some of the worst moments again, brought back some things I had forgotten about or failed to notice at the time. I had forgotten about the nurse asking whether she should call for blood to transfuse me. I forgot about how many people I saw hovering around the foot of the bed waiting to see Matthew emerge, waiting to ensure he WOULD emerge. I'm so glad today was the last tangible reminder of this delivery. I'm content now to let the bad parts fade into momnesiac obscurity and just focus on that moment when he was handed to me, crying that little billy-goat cry, and let my brain pretend not much happened before that. (I still have the 1-year follow-up with orthopedics, but I presume the trauma of this shizz will be a distant memory by then.)

I also left with a prescription for progesterone-only birth control pills today. Not taking chances and not ready to schedule the vasectomy just yet. My OB cautioned me that if we have another baby, I will need to have a C-section because all of the complications I had in the pregnancy and delivery are highly likely to reoccur and way too dangerous to risk. I told him there's no need to lose any more sleep over us. We're done. I'm good with the two healthy babies I have and no need to hoard more.


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glumbunny said...

Shiver! I'm so glad he's safe and alive and all that. And I'd say more by my little billy goat just peed on the floor.