Sunday, December 30, 2012

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Here at the end of 2012...
  • Christmas was a hit. Except for Santa being declared "scary," the presents he brought were welcomed and the rest of the holiday has been devoured by Jackson. He loves the snow, rearranging the tree ornaments (how many can you fit on one branch? there appears to be no upper limit), driving around to see the Christmas lights ("I want to see an elephant!" and dammit if I didn't find one, lucky me). It's cool to see his reaction to all of it now that he's so much more aware and interested in participating.
  • Matthew is giving me a 4-hour stretch of sleep followed by 3-hour blocks every night. I'll take it. He is still difficult to put to bed on time (between 7-8pm in our house), and usually doesn't go down until closer to 10pm. It's a work in progress. But he goes down quickly and easily after night nursing, so I'm back to bed within 20 minutes, usually. I'll take that, too.
  • Jackson has flipped a switch in his head and is now massively interested in the potty. In the past 2 days he has, voluntarily and by his own unsolicited suggestion, peed and pooped in the potty. It's quite a thing to high-five your toddler for dropping a deer pellet in the plastic chair. He was so proud of himself. He asked to try on his Yoda underpants and then aborted that effort halfway through the dressing process -- "too tight!" He'll have to get used to how they feel, I guess; the next learning exercise. We celebrated with ice cream (okay, fruit smoothie but what does he know). His teachers at school will be thrilled. (Don't they have the worst task at hand in the toddler room this time of year? Ten toddlers all in various stages of potty training to move up to the primary room in the fall. Better them than me.)
  • Life is starting to resemble the best of having kids (baby is sleeping! baby smiles! toddler is pooping! everyone gets along!) and some of the best of not having kids (sex! glass of wine! watching tv at night! going to movies!). It's sinking in that we are done having babies, done trying to have babies, done thinking about trying to have babies. It changes everything. As I lose the baby/IVF weight this time, it is for good. No more visits to the RE clinic in my life. Back on birth control for the first time since 2008 (I don't want to find out the hard way that "maybe if you just relax" has any merit). The biggest baby-related drama we have now is telling Jackson, "Don't squish the baby" and, "We don't poke eyes." It's exactly the right kind of drama. It's good. It's the end of something and the beginning of something better.
  • The drama of my extended family, I am choosing to try and ignore as best I can. It's hard. My sister visited and spent as little time with my kids as could be gotten away with. She feigned illness to get attention. She left unceremoniously. That wraps up our relationship right now and for the foreseeable future. Neutral at best. And KB's family, most of them, are actually helping out except his mom, who hasn't been to our house one time since Matthew was born. She's seen him on holidays only. She's just too busy. Unless we're willing to pack up a carload of baby stuff and haul our family over to her house on her schedule. Oh well. She goes to Florida soon for the winter and it will be a nonissue for another 6 months. Perfect.
  • And for 2013...I go back to work part-time, maybe keep the baby home while I do, plan a couple of family vacations (travel, hotel/rental house sleeping...oy), keep working on blocking out the background noise of my extended family and focusing on my chosen family. I hope for that for you, too. If this year has been good to you, then please have more of the same. If not, then hold out for better. Cheers.


Rhianna said...

Happy New Year, lady! 2012 was pretty remarkable, and I have a feeling 2013 will be nothing short of a continuation of the "best of having two kids" for you guys. :)

P.S. Hooray for independent potty accomplishments! I am starting to long a little for the potty switch to be flipped over here. I think I've mentioned before that Arlo only really seems to independently acknowledge his potty when he's using the bowl as a pretend soup tureen. Sigh. One day, one day.

hope4joy said...

Happy New Year Jen! You sound happy and content... sounds perfect to me!

Mina said...

My children are older and your children are doing some things better, like going to the potty and sleeping. It is a weird feeling the donewith them babies, huh? Not bad, but weird... Happy New Year! Wishing you the best!